The Pink Hat

The Pink HatCelebrate the 2017 Women s March with this charming and empowering picture book about a pink hat and the budding feminist who finds it Here is a clever story that follows the journey of a pink hat that is swiped out of a knitting basket by a pesky kitten, blown into a tree by a strong wind, and use


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Elizabeth Started All the Trouble

Elizabeth Started All the TroubleShe couldn t go to college.She couldn t become a politician.She couldn t even vote.But Elizabeth Cady Stanton didn t let that stop her.She called on women across the nation to stand together and demand to be treated as equal to men and that included the right to vote It took nearly seventy five yea


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Queen of the Diamond: The Lizzie Murphy Story

Queen of the Diamond: The Lizzie Murphy StoryLizzie Murphy was good at baseball In fact, she was better than most of the boys But she was born in 1900, and back then baseball was not a game for girls Lizzie practiced with her brother anyway, and then she talked her way onto the local boys team, first as a batboy, then as a player Everyone


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