Sultry (Bad Boy Rockers, #3)

Sultry (Bad Boy Rockers, #3)Growing up if anyone had told me that by the age of twenty five I d be crazy about my best friends little sister, I d have laughed in their face, but the reality is, I am Of course she s beautiful with curves in all the right places, but that s not all there is to her, and after two years of keepin

Spicy (Bad Boy Rockers, #2)

Spicy (Bad Boy Rockers, #2)Because of screwing up with Callie, during the summer, I m drowning my sorrows with drink and women or that s what I m trying to do, but it isn t working Every time I close my eyes all I see is Callie, her long flowing blonde locks, her slim curvy body with legs that go on for miles and breasts tha

Sizzle (Bad Boy Rockers, #1)

Sizzle (Bad Boy Rockers, #1)Thalia is twenty one and has just finished her sopho year of college, and is trying to avoid going home to her stifling parents who have a curfew of nine every night, and have a bad habit of treating her like she s still ten years old Her new boyfriend, Liam, invites her to spend the summer wit

Finding Storm (The Storm, #4)

Finding Storm (The Storm, #4)The son of an icon He was a legend Rock royalty A man I never met But I m measured against him in every aspect of my life The only time I feel like me the real me is when I m onstage with my band But the we grow in popularity, the people compare me to him I m not him And I neve

Taming the Storm (The Storm, #3)

Taming the Storm (The Storm, #3)Lyla Summers hates men Okay, maybe hate is a strong word Lyla intensely dislikes men Her father has let her down her whole life Her brother betrayed her in the worst way possible And her past relationship experiences with men have been less than great Lyla is focussing all her energy into her

Wethering the Storm (The Storm, #2)

Wethering the Storm (The Storm, #2)Music journalist Tru Bennett has done the impossible capture the heart of rock star bad boy Jake Wethers Now they re busy planning a wedding and navigating their new life together in the US Of course Tru misses London and her best friend, Simone, but living happily ever after with Jake in LA is g

The Mighty Storm (The Storm, #1)

The Mighty Storm (The Storm, #1)It s been twelve years since Tru Bennett last saw Jake Wethers, her former best friend and boy she once loved Jake Wethers, sexy, tattooed and deliciously bad lead singer, and brains behind The Mighty Storm, one of the biggest bands in the world, left Tru with a broken heart when he moved from Engl

Hurt Me

Hurt MeFrom international bestselling authors, Ker Dukey and K Webster comes a fast paced, hot, MM instalove standalone lunchtime read from their KKinky Reads collection I got my dream from a young age The lead singer of one of the most popular bands in the world Berlin Scandal I m a rock god But under

Daddy Me

Daddy MeFrom international bestselling authors, Ker Dukey and K Webster, comes a steamy standalone novella from their KKinky Reads collection in early July 2019 Dreams are supposed to be encouraged Not mine My brother likes to keep me on a tight leash, tethered to an unexceptional life But when Ronan Ha

Claiming Addison (69 Bottles, #1)

Claiming Addison (69 Bottles, #1)For Addison Beltrand, PR rep for Bold International, Inc climbing the corporate ladder is all that matters in life Her hard work is finally rewarded with the promotion she s worked her ass off to earn but the gig comes at a price She leaves in two days for a twelve week tour with America s hottes

Anything to Sing

Anything to SingRose wants to be a Country Music Singer than anything in the world, but her career is moving way too slowly and she feels as though she ll never reach the top She almost thinks of giving up her dream when she hears of a mysterious manager who has helped guide the careers of all the top female

Storm (Ashes & Embers, #1)

Storm (Ashes & Embers, #1)The calm before the storm I was living a quiet, somewhat boring life Safe and comfortable Until a winter storm came The wind rustled in warning, telling me to get out of its path But I didn t I never stood a chance A series of weather and road mishaps leaves me trapped in the middle of a bl

Steel Lust (Lust for Life, #2)

Steel Lust (Lust for Life, #2)Take one bombshell photographer, add a sexy body piercer slash rock singer and toss in a broken down car for good measure and what do you get Nights of passion hot enough to melt even the coldest Midwestern winter Joy has been let down by her share of musicians, but Leo quickly shows her he s noth


'MANIKI m Beatrice Kennedy, but everyone calls me Beat I live a low key life, fresh out of college and drifting from town to town until I find my home I love music, and how it stirs even the deepest and untouched parts of your soul Depending on what you choose to listen to, would depend on what it touc