The Lost Colony (The Long Winter Trilogy, #3)

The Lost Colony (The Long Winter Trilogy, #3)Don t miss the thrilling conclusion to The Long Winter trilogy NOTE The Lost Colony will now be a full length novel Can humanity survive on a new world On Eos, the last survivors of the Long Winter face their greatest challenge yet and race to unravel the deepest secrets of the grid.

The Andromeda Evolution (Andromeda #2)

The Andromeda Evolution (Andromeda #2)The Evolution is Coming In 1967, an extraterrestrial microbe came crashing down to Earth and nearly ended the human race Accidental exposure to the particle designated The Andromeda Strain killed every resident of the town of Piedmont, Arizona, save for an elderly man and an infant boy Over the

Strange Planet

Strange PlanetI feel attractive.Honestly, you are.It s the star damage.I CRAVE STAR DAMAGE.Straight from the mind of New York Times bestselling author Nathan W Pyle comes an adorable and profound universe in pink, blue, green, and purple Based on the phenomenally popular Instagram of the same name, Strange

Callie's Catastrophe (Icehome, #9)

Callie's Catastrophe (Icehome, #9)What s a bigger disaster than being stranded on an ice planet with a bunch of aliens, never to return home Resonating to the biggest jerk of all those aliens, of course I hate M tok, and it seems to be mutual He thinks I m ugly and unpleasant, and doesn t understand why I don t just fling myself

Draekon Warrior (Rebel Force, #1)

Draekon Warrior (Rebel Force, #1)Captured in space Imprisoned Sold to the highest bidder But my biggest problem is this bossy, aggravating, impossible, alien who s supposed to rescue me The bossy alien I kissed That might have been a mistake Kadir is dangerous I ve seen him fight, and his body is littered with scars He s a


CONTAGIONOne OCD neat freak alien One human woman Both are abducted and held captive in a very unsterile environment What could go wrong Simmi I ve broken free and I ve also freed the human who was held captive with me But I don t know where we are, and I don t know where my home is The local

The Lonely Orphan (Lost Planet #5)

The Lonely Orphan (Lost Planet #5)Our planet has hope Still decaying and barely inhabitable, but ours With the arrival of the females, we re no longer lonely Well, some of us aren t For the rest, we ache for what they have Peace Happiness Love But where the other unmatched Morts want a mate to call their own, I m different.

Hard Sands (Warlords of Atera #2)

Hard Sands (Warlords of Atera #2)She may be a gift from the Goddess, but he doesn t want her So why can t he let her go Kalinda got on the Intergalactic Mating Agency s ship with one destination in mind a distant space station where she s to meet her new mail order mate Nothing in her plans includes crash landing on a backwards,

Vargr (Beast Horde #1)

Vargr (Beast Horde #1)Sleeping Beauty with a grim dark twist Cyn falls from the top floor of the world into the arms of Vargr, a beaster who rates a diamond 10 on the Scale of Hardness In her hands is a piece of Ghoul Lord She s forgotten the last five years of her life, the years of the invasion of the Ghoul Lords.