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She Plays with the Darkness summary She Plays with the Darkness , series She Plays with the Darkness , book She Plays with the Darkness , pdf She Plays with the Darkness , She Plays with the Darkness 409efac5bf In A Remote Mountain Village In Lesotho, The Beautiful Dikosha Lives For Dancing And For Song, Setting Herself Apart From Her Fellow Villagers Her Twin Brother, Radisene, Works In The Lowland Capital Of Maseru, Struggling Amid Political Upheaval To Find A Life For Himself Away From The Hills As The Years Pass, Radisene S Fortunes Rise And Fall In The City, While Dikosha Remains In The Village, Never Leaving And Never Aging And Through It All, The Community Watches, Comments, And Passes Judgment.

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    While I enjoyed the story, I was dissatisfied with the ending as it left too many unanswered questions I hate books like that Closure is essential.

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    loved the plot.thuogh fictional,could not help seeing the real Lesotho behind the setting.fantastic read

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    3.5 stars This book for my ATW reading challenge Lesotho reminded me of One Hundred Years of Solitude because of the constant change of Radisene s fortunes Dikosha was certainly interesting, but I wasfascinated by Tampololo I also liked the constant commentary by the villagers.

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    I loved this book but don t think that everyone would Zakes Mda s books are beautifully written but kind of quirky with their depictions of myth folklore and legend in southern African village life I adored it

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    Good, not great A somewhat cryptic story about life in Lesotho Too much about the twin brother trying to build a fortune through insurance scams Not enough about the muchfascinating sister who provides the title A better place to start with Mda The Madonna of Excelsior.

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    Fascinating mountaneous fantasy world, fascinating fantasy characters, story a bit going nowhere but with parallels to a credible reality that makes it worth reading

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    She Plays with Darkness desperately tries to be Magical Realism, but fails.

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    Fantasy and imagination running riot in Lesotho Interesting and atmospheric but a little tedious and lacking in energy, I think Is this magic realism Not sure I need to be anchored in reality.

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