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    Pilates Practice Companion is a workout book for those interested in starting Pilates or those already doing Pilates and are in need of a printed guide The book covers lots of Pilates related topics From getting started to how to use Pilates in your everyday life, it s all there I really liked the book It got me excited about trying some of the exercises in it I wasn t really that familiar with Pilates, so the book was quite an eye opener for me It s loaded with tons of advice on all things Pilates related It goes over the history and evolution of Pilates, the benefits of Pilates and what to do before you being and many, many topics The book is divided into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels Each one of these has routines for varying workout times for 15, 30 and 45 minutes I love this When I have time I can do longer workouts As I progress, I have new exercises to try Even if I decide to take a class later on, I can use the book as a reference guide at home I loved that the book showed me ways to measure my baseline for different aspects of Pilates That way I can measure my progress as time goes by Because I m a visual learner, I liked that each of the exercises was documented with lots of photographs and instructions A series of photos show the posi...

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    I have a new favorite DK book This is an amazing book for taking care of yourself by way of exercise It goes from beginner to advanced, and has step by step illustrations that are very straight forward and clear to understand.I was new to Pilates, but being an active person I always had a keen interest Now I have been making it part of my daily lifestyle I will continue to u...

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    This is filling in a lot of information for me I found it on a bargain table at BN I see that her other book is considered a standard, etc But I m glad to have found this one as a bargain.

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    Not strictly classical Pilates, but has good, big, clear pictures for reference Fleshed out with too much extraneous information nutrition, lifestyle, etc A fair book for absolute beginners.

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    This is a great book to practice Pilates at home I have only ever done workouts on the reformer so this is interesting to try at home

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Pilates Practice Companion download Pilates Practice Companion , read online Pilates Practice Companion , kindle ebook Pilates Practice Companion , Pilates Practice Companion d0e9975d2dfd Pilates Practice Companion Is The One Stop Guide For Pilates Novices As Well As Those Hoping To Consolidate What They Already Know The Book Is Accessible And User Friendly, With A Warm, Reassuring Tone With Beautiful Specially Commissioned Step By Step Photography And Clear Instructions On Each Exercise, As Well As Key Features, Such As Annotated Photographs Of Common Faults And A List Of The Physical And Mental Benefits Of Each Exercise, The Book Demonstrates How To Practice Pilates Without Costly Classes And Equipment.The Exercises Are Separated Into Chapters Beginner, Intermediate, And Advanced Allowing Readers To Focus On The Exercises That Are Relevant To Them And To Progress At Their Own Pace At The End Of Each Of These Chapters, There Are Specially Devised Programs Of Pilates Exercises Of 20 , 40 And 60 Minutes Each, Letting Readers Pick And Choose Depending On The Time Available.This Book Offers A Holistic Approach To Pilates Than Other Pilates Books A Chapter On The Benefits Of Pilates Gives A Fascinating Overview Of The Ways That Pilates Can Maintain Or Restore The Health Of The Body With The Help Of Specially Commissioned Anatomical Drawings, It Explains How Pilates Exercises Work On And Benefit Everything From Posture, Flexibility And Strength, To Energy Levels And Integrating Body And Mind.The Final Chapter, Pilates Every Day, Offers Advice On How To Use Pilates In All Aspects Of Life At Work, For Winding Down, And For Rehabilitation, For Example It Also Includes Advice On Healthy Eating, Helping Readers To Make Better Food Choices To Feel Energized And Balanced Pilates Practice Companion Is An Accessible, Authoritative And Inspiring Resource To Guide People Of All Abilities In Their Practice Of Pilates.