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Countess Nobody files Countess Nobody , read online Countess Nobody , free Countess Nobody , free Countess Nobody , Countess Nobody 3afe839f2 When Sophie And Samuel Delorme S Parents Sit Them Down For A Talk, The Nearly Sixteen Year Old Twins Expect To Hear Something Major Just Not Their Father S Declaration That They Come From A Long Line Of French Nobility Suddenly Sophie S Lost In Dreams Of Life As A Countess She Ll No Longer Be An Invisible Suburban Teen, And Just Maybe The Unattainable Spencer Kavanaugh Will Finally Notice Her But Wait Dad S Not Done The Title Is Only Passed Down To The Males In The Family Sam Is A Count Sophie Is A Big Nothing Frustrated, She Starts A Blog About The Mysterious Count S Who S Just Arrived In America And Is Breaking Hearts Left And Right But When The Posts Are Picked Up By A Major Celebrity Gossip Site, And People Start Demanding Proof Of The Noble S Existence, How Will Sophie Keep Her Cover As Mademoiselle Blogger A Secret, And Stop Her Reputation From Being Destroyed

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    3.5 starsI really liked the premiss of this book and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I ended up liking I sat down expecting to read a few pages and a short time later I had finished it The thing I loved most about the book is Sophie s voice She really made the story for me She is such a fun, likable character, and her sarcasm is fabulously written I also found her to relatable in some aspects I think a lot of people will like the fact that she is a down to earth, girl next door type of character She comes from a broken home, but has a family that is portrayed in a very realistic way I really liked her dad s girlfriend Taylor, along with twin brother Sam.The story is centered on Sophie and is about her reaction to finding out her family hails from a family of French nobility At the urging of Taylor, she decides to start up a blog to express her feelings on finding out that her brother Sam is able to claim the title count, and not her Mixed into all this is Sophie trying to juggle splitting time between her parents, feeling like she lives in the shadow of her perfect twin who is a great character as well Sam, high school and her 1st crush The blog part of the story was a bit comical, and things quickly escal...

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    A light, fun tale YA Books Central review coming soon

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