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Coaching Women to Lead files Coaching Women to Lead , read online Coaching Women to Lead , free Coaching Women to Lead , free Coaching Women to Lead , Coaching Women to Lead 9d744f1e3 Coaching Women To Lead Asks Why, In The 21st Century, There Is Still Such A Disparity In The Number Of Women Filling Leadership Roles, Compared With Men It Argues That A Specific Coaching Approach For Women Is Not Only Possible But Required To Support Women Throughout Their Corporate Career In This Book You Will Find How To Build A Robust Business Case For Coaching Women Which Areas Of Coaching Are The Most Useful At Which Career Stage An Academic Survey To Discover What Women Need To Succeed In Depth Interviews With Women Role Models Specific Tools And Techniques To Develop A Women Focused Coaching Programme.Using Case Studies And Findings From The Authors Research, Coaching Women To Lead Proposes Defined Areas For Coaching Women, And Offers Practical Advice For Coaches Who Wish To Contribute To The Development Of Excellent Women Leaders.

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    I was very sceptical when picking this book because I personally get annoyed when authors try to tailor leadership to a specific gender.Thankfully, it exceeded my expectation.The authors start with identifying the critical stages of a woman s career that differ from men s Then they highlight the essential questions around a woman finding her identity at work and deciding how to act accordingly.To bolster their coaching approach, they conduct a series of interviews with different women at different stages in their careers and from different cultural backgrounds These are quite educating as they show identify a common theme woman need to give themselves permission to be authentic to themselves.The book takes a further step to educate organisations on how they can ensure they implement women friendly policies They also emphasise...

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