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    Fascinating story, but the writing was so flat and sucked much of the excitement and intrigue out of it.Vincent had such rich I couldn t resist material to work with here the rags to riches story of Lily, FOUR husbands, TWO suspicious deaths, boat loads of money, family dra...

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    As a Vanity Fair Dominick Dunne junkie, I have always wondered about the mysterious Edmond and Lily Safra The book is well written and provides as much information as was possible to get about someone as discreet as Edmond Safra A fast read I enjoyed it tremendously and came away feeling ve...

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    Easy, juicy read Perfect for vacation.

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    Rags to riches story, as close as a book can get to elitist tabloid gossip.

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    Muito bomJ recomendei para v rias pessoas Impressionante o que as pessoas s o capazes por dinheiro e poder Essa mulher um monstro.

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    A riveting investigation into the mystery that shrouds Lily Safra I ve been aware of the Safra family for many years, yet I m astounded by all the sinister revelations that were exposed in this book This book was well researched and well written.

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    The world may never know the truth of the mysterious deaths of Lily Safra s second and fourth husbands For this book, Isabelle Vincent has assembled a large amount of material which helps the reader understand the facts and the legalities of both Given the difficulty of even delivering a summons to this elusive widow, given her army of attorneys and experts, the question will remain open, perhaps forever.Even if the Lily Safra is innocent of both deaths, she is no innocent There are many people in her wake It s almost Darwinian how she proves herself the fittest in battles with both husbands families.If her relationship with husband number 3 was as he idealizes it, after the death of husband number 4 one would expect her to initiate contact, if only for old times sake But Ms Safra is not sentimental The graves and headstones of her parents and siblings go unattended for want of 3,000.However she got her job , Lily seems to be...

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    This book was a sleeper Unfortunately the author did not have enough material to create an interesting read.

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    total trash couldn t resist disappointed good enough read but for all her research, I didn t really get much than I had read in the papers, no conclusions what do people think really happened suggestions she has been shunned but all too oblique need little about the children still living and t...

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    I m not sure how to rate this It s well researched and Safra s story is undeniably a fascinating one, but the book reads like it was heavily edited by lawyers before publication With that said, it s well done and worth reading if you don t know the truly unbelievable story of Lily Safra.

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Gilded Lily download Gilded Lily , read online Gilded Lily , kindle ebook Gilded Lily , Gilded Lily 54089ba517a7 Isabel Vincent Has Written A Riveting Account Of The Life Of The International Socialite And Billionairess Lily Safra, Allegedly The Third Richest Woman In The World It S A Very Good Read Dominick DunneIn This Absorbing Biography Of Brazilian Born Philanthropist And Socialite Lily Safra The First Ever Published Acclaimed Investigative Journalist Isabel Vincent Bodies And Souls Delves Beneath The Intrigue Surrounding One Of The World S Richest Women From Her Humble Beginnings In A Rio De Janeiro Shantytown To The Tragic Death Of Her Fourth Husband, Legendary Billionaire Banker Edmond Safra, In An Arsonist S Fire In Their Monte Carlo Penthouse, Gilded Lily Combines All The Elements Of Compelling Fiction In An Absolutely Enthralling Account.