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    Okay Some folks aren t too thrilled with this series but I like it It s realistic in that Suzanne has some problems with her mom but really loves her all the same I felt the same way about my mom And I love the relationship between her and her best friend, I love the snow, and I love the relationship between Suzanne and Emma I thought it was a very good book and a lot of fun to read Just relax and enjoy it.

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    Very surprised with this one I didn t care for the first one in this series much at all and thought the 2nd was only marginally better I would have never read this one, but it was given to me I actually liked it Suzanne wasn t as abrasive as she was in the previous books and the story wasn t bad either I grade on a 1 10 scale and this is a solid 7.5, so I m giving it the benefit of the doubt and giving it the full 4 stars here in Goodreads.

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    this was some fun light reading that managed to avoid some of the things that have been bugging me about cozies recently the main character does have the police officer boyfriend, but her reason for investigating seemed a bit compelling than in some stories she herself is considered a suspect, but so is her ex husband there were lots of details about making donuts and being a small business owner I did not realize I was reading a Christmas story out of season, but the Christmas elements were so minor that I would actually have been disappointed if I planned for that seasonal feeling.

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    I did a little research on the author of this book, which I don t normally do, but something got me interested I have an inquiry on my blog on whether Jessica Beck is really Joaane Fluke, author of the Hannah Swensen series Now, I have compared these two quite a bit in my previous posts and it got me thinking, could it be true I discovered that Jessica Beck really is a pen name, the books that come out from her are spaced in between Joanne Flukes books and the artwork is also very similar I don t know, I guess I ll just have to wait and see if it s true So, this third installment of the Donut Shop Mysteries is a case of mistaken identity At least that s what they think at first The murder victum in this book isTo read , check out my blog

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    I wasn t crazy about the first two books in this series, but for some reason I continued on I have to say I m glad I did The author has hit her stride and as a result this book is really GOOD The characters are really growing and developing, the donut shop is coming to life for me, and the dialogue is less akward although it still bothers me when Suzanne chastizes people, from her best friend and her mother right down to her co worker s father As an added bonus this book takes place during Christmas time, something you would never know from the cover couldn t the donuts have had red and green sprinkles on them For the first time ever I can t wait for the next installment in this series

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    I wasn t much of a fan of the first two, but this one was a bit better Something about the characters though I have a hard time really caring about them, as they all feel a bit flat to me Perhaps a bit formal and earnest to me for a cozy mystery I probably wouldn t have continued with this series at all except that I bought this one and the next one at closeout prices and this one was a fit for a reading challenge However, it s a good mystery with lots of suspects and I didn t guess the murderer until the big reveal I d recommend these for someone who wants a bit of light reading and might be between favourites.

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    Well the trick was on me this Halloween I thought this book was set at Halloween and it was really set at Christmas, either way it was still a treat Good story and characters and a happy ending.

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    Suzanne Hart has a big heart, a lot of sense I m not sure I d bother helping an ex spouse, even if I thought them innocent Though I do have a bit of admiration for Max s behavior timing when Wilma shows her true colors I think it was appropriate cool that Suzanne was straight with Max even as he lay bleeding I must admit, not sure why Suzanne was angry with Jake breaking up with her a little consideration for his position was in order but then he came back, she let him in, all was well I like the fact that Darlene s cousin wasn t the killer, that would have ended things on a real dull point.

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    This being the third book in the donut shop mystery series I thought it would be equally ok I, however, enjoyed this book than the first two Suzanne is still making donuts and someone still is murdered leaving her to get involved in the case The same characters help her and her love interest Jake Bishop makes an appearance The whole investigation is set with christmas and snow as I tr a backdrop which was kind of fun when it s only September Overall I liked this one and I ll keep reading this series.

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    Many things have changed in Suzanne s life While working a festival, her ex s mistress is murdered Her ex is the main suspect He has gone into hiding The mistress was also dressed like another woman in town and she and her friend, Suzanne s business neighbor, have gone into hiding, as well The sheriff is after her thinking she is harboring her ex husband Her boyfriend breaks up with her at the beginning of the story and April Springs has been having very heavy snows before Christmas Can she find the real murderer or will her ex be arrested and charged Good story Set before Christmas, good to read in November and December or whenever.

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Sinister Sprinkles (Donut Shop Mystery, #3) summary pdf Sinister Sprinkles (Donut Shop Mystery, #3) , summary chapter 2 Sinister Sprinkles (Donut Shop Mystery, #3) , sparknotes Sinister Sprinkles (Donut Shop Mystery, #3) , Sinister Sprinkles (Donut Shop Mystery, #3) 3daf769 Just In Time For The Winter Festival, A Glistening Layer Of Snow Has Covered The Streets Of April Springs, North Carolina Of Course, It Reminds Donut Shop Owner Suzanne Hart Of Sweet Delicious Frosting But Her Visions Of Sugar Plums Plummet When Her Ex S Ex Girlfriend Gets Iced If You Like Donuts And Who Doesn T You Ll Love This Mystery Series Leslie Meier Suzanne Could Never Understand Why Her Ex Husband And Actor Max Cheated On Her With Darlene Higgins Why Darlene S Body Was Found Wearing Another Woman S Clothes Is An Even Bigger Mystery Now Max Is Suspected Of Murder And Suzanne Is Sifting Through Her Mixed Up Love Life Looking For Clues If She Can T Sprinkle Evidence On Her Half Baked Theories Of Whodunit, Max Is As Good As Fried

  • Paperback
  • 290 pages
  • Sinister Sprinkles (Donut Shop Mystery, #3)
  • Jessica Beck
  • English
  • 22 July 2018
  • 9780312946128

About the Author: Jessica Beck

Tim Myers.Jessica Beck is the penname of an author who has been nominated for the Agatha Award and named an Independent Mystery Booksellers Association national bestseller nearly a dozen times.Jessica Beck loves donuts, and has the figure to prove it It s amazing what people can convince themselves is all in the name of research For each recipe featured in the donut mysteries, a dozen are tried and tested When not concocting delicious treats, Beck enjoys the rare snowfalls near her home in the foothills of North Carolina.