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Old Man Drinks files Old Man Drinks , read online Old Man Drinks , free Old Man Drinks , free Old Man Drinks , Old Man Drinks 4a7847c32 Lose Those Girly Cocktails And Start Drinking Like A Real Man A Real Old Man These Old Man Drinks Are Guaranteed To Put Hair On That Scrawny Baby S Bottom You Call A Chest From Boilermakers And Sidecars To Rusty Nails And Satan S Whiskers, These Old School Party Starters Go Down Just As Rough As They Sound No Pink Drinks Or Foo Foo Umbrellas Here Just The Good Stuff Whiskey, Rye, Bourbon, Gin And Some Priceless Life Lessons That Only The Very Old Can Provide So Man Up, Quit Your Bitchin , And Grab A Stool, Cause It S Gonna Be A Long Night.

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    Full of humorous quotes from old guys who drink or used to drink, sometimes a lot Plus there are many recipes of mixed drinks that I ve heard of but never had the courage or knowledge to order A quick, immensely satisfying read.

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    l have always maintained that old people drink the best cocktails and this book confirms it lf you love bourbon, rye and gin which l do this book is an essential part of your collection lt is also very, very funny and informative the author explains the origins of many of the cocktails and nuggets of golden old man knowledge are distributed throughout Probably the best cocktail recipe book l ve read, and l have read a few l m not sure if that makes me a bibliophile or an alcoholic ...

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    A neat little recipe book with all the great classic simple no nonsense drinks that you can easily make without having to have 50 different liqueurs lying around the house not that that has ever really been a problem for us.

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    Short guide to some of the dustier cocktails.

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    Great drinks and funny comments throughout the book

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    Cute stories about cocktails.

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    Got this book as a gift for Christmas It may have been of a gag gift poking at my age This is a very short read with several classic drink recipes There were pictures of old men with various quotes spread throughout the book, and they were the most interesting part of the book Some of the drink recipes included history and origin ...

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    Just as the title promised Good, mostly simple drinks that a grouchy old man can appreciate, along with photos and quotes from some old men.Few of the recipes call for rare ingredients you ll never use again You can make most of these by remixing the basic spirits with a couple of standard extras like bitters, citrus juice, and maraschino cher...

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    Amusing anecdotes and interesting recipes to try, though I do not have the bar materials for most of the concoctions or room for all the glasses and utensils needed But I enjoyed learning about the classics and it would be a good gift for an old dad for father s day, especially if he likes ...

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    Classic mixed drinks and the guys who drink them Almost as good as plopping down on the next stool to swap stories.

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