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    This is a late career book by a noted vision scientist who studies how our visual system can fool us in many different ways, creating the blindspots of the title.Although his style is academic, Breitmeyer s knowledge of how our eyes and brain perceive what we see, and how accidents, strokes, and evolutionary constraints shape what we can and can t detect, is fascinating and well done.Just a couple examples 1 Blindsight is a phenomenon where people have suffered a brain lesion that blocks part of their field of vision from conscious awareness, and yet they retain the ability to see objects in their blindspots without being aware of it So a person with blindsight may be able to take various sized rectangles and place them in the right slots in their blindspot, without consciously knowing that they are able to do that 2 Object agnosia is where people can identify faces but cannot identify common objects like tools, flowers and fruits and vegetables These people can see the faces in the rather bizarre portraits of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, where faces are made up of cucumbers, apples, melons and other plants, but can t identify any of the individual constituents.At the end of this book, Breitmeyer takes on the task of explaining how we are often irrational in our views of the world, and how we also need emotional affect to give meaning to our perceptions These are the weakest parts of the book, and have been treated much better and literately by others Still, when he s in his wheelhouse, talking about the visual system and its peculiarities, and peppering his prose with case studies and optical illusion illustrations, Breitmeyer is entertaining and informative.

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Blindspots summary pdf Blindspots , summary chapter 2 Blindspots , sparknotes Blindspots , Blindspots 9a66fbd Sight Can Be So Effortless, So Useful, And So Entertaining The Average Human Can Distinguish Several Million Colors A Falcon Can See A Fencepost From Three Thousand Yards That We Never Stop To Think About How Complex A Process It Is And How Easily It Can Fail Us We Never Have As Clear And Complete A Picture Of The World Around Us As We Think We Do The Gaps Between What Our Eyes Take In And What Is In Our Mind S Eye Provide The Unifying Theme In Bruno Breitmeyer S Wide Ranging Volume In His Fascinating Account Of The Many Ways That Our Eyes, And Minds, Both See And Fail To See, Breitmeyer Moves From Cataracts And Color Blindness Through Blindsight, Acquired Dyslexia, And Visual Agnosias, Including Fascinating Cases Like The Woman Who Did Not Know What She Was Seeing Was A Dog Until It Barked He Then Uses What We Ve Learned About The Limits Of Our Sight To Illustrate The Limits Of Our Ability To Mentally Visualize And Our Ability To Reason, Covering Everything From Logical Fallacies To How Our Motives And Emotions Relentlessly Color The Way We See The World This Book Will Intrigue Anyone Interested In How Easily We Can Fail To Capture The World Around Us Without Even Realizing It

  • Hardcover
  • 266 pages
  • Blindspots
  • Bruno Breitmeyer
  • English
  • 10 October 2018
  • 9780195394269

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Blindspots book, this is one of the most wanted Bruno Breitmeyer author readers around the world.