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    To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my very favorite all time books My copy is so tattered it s almost unreadable so I did buy the 50th anniversary edition for actual further readings My copy is a paperback copy that was originally my mother s its cover price was 60 It s one of only 4 books I ve read at least 100 times I read it for the first time when I was 12 I don t know the book verbatim, but I know many passages by heart I feel as though I have much of the book memorized The movie came out when I was 9 and I did see it in the theater with my parents, so the movie came first for me I like both movie and book The movie is great The book is a true masterpiece It s one of those books I love so much, I haven t yet been able to write a worthy review I haven t even tried.I m a huge fan of both Scout and Atticus, especially Scout I would have had a lot to say for this book as, I m sure, would most of its readers.So, this book It was a huge pleasure to immerse myself in all things Mockingbird, read others feelings and thoughts about the book I won t list every contributor in my review I added them all to the book s description field As I was reading I knew that I was going to see the movie again pronto this weekend and I m excited to have a plan to reread the book first reads for a couple of people with a small group of other Goodreads members in early August.My biggest gripe about this book and the main reason I didn t assign it 5 stars As I read the essays it felt at times as though I d already read them and it was because long passages from them were quoted in the introductory section of the book I wish either the author had just written a book and used quotes from a bunch of people the contributors or my preference that in her introductory portion she just gave the history of the book and times and her own impressions of the book, and not quoted at all from the essays by various people that are to follow.It s funny that To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my all time favorite books but, even though I have some biographies on my shelf, I ve never known much about Harper Lee At times felt a little uncomfortable when certain interviewees talked about their personal knowledge of her, worried that she d feel displeased because her privacy had been violated, but it was so exciting to get to know her via people who ve known her, some who ve known her very well It was a great pleasure to get to know her Now, I really do want to read as much as I can about her I was a bit surprised and delighted to see how much of To Kill a Mockingbird is autobiographical re its author and the town too the times I knew about already, even though it took place in a different part of the country and a couple decades before I was born.It was a huge comfort to read others feelings and thoughts and see that so many people have a lot of the same feelings about the book and its characters that I do It s one of my new comfort read books, not in the same league with To Kill a Mockingbird, but only a handful of books are in that category.A Warning Open up some time for a reread of To Kill a Mockingbird and then perhaps some time to see the movie again too This book will make you yearn to experience them again I wanted contributors in this book, I want to read about Nelle Harper, I want to see the movie again, and most of all, I can t wait to experience the book yet again This book is a powerful book pusher.

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    Quick read that consists of a series of interviews by famous authors and personalities about To Kill a Mockingbird Um, the authors and personalities aren t about to kill a mockingbird, they are merely going to discuss the book of that name This is why I am not a great writer There were several points that different people brought up that I hadn t considered I loved the book, that s why I have felt compelled to read everything about this book And maybe I m burning out I also got the documentary to watch that goes with this book and maybe that s overkill Overkill of a mockingbird At any rate, this book was good No one was interviewed who DIDN T like Harper Lee s book Of course.

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    Of the 1.4 million GR ratings of To Kill a Mockingbird, one percent didn t like the book, gave it one star Unbelievable, right Don t look for interviews in this book from any of those people Twenty six people plus the author tell the stories of their connections to and recollections of the author, the book and the movie Everybody has their story about To Kill a Mockingbird Never was heard a discouraging word, and the skies were not cloudy all day.Although I have never read a fan magazine, this book is just like I imagine a fan magazine Half of what you read is probably not true and you have to decide which half These are stories about TKMB that have become tales and lore over the years As we all know, both the book and the movie have become legends of a sort Whenever I compare books with someone on Goodreads, I most often find that we both gave TKMB five stars Everybody has read TKMB and almost everybody has seen the movie at least once Each person who has found a place in this book, has a tall tale to tell It turns out that the tale is rarely that original and some could even be considered gossip, something they heard from Bill who heard it from Sally.You can easily read this book in a couple of days It is not taxing It is not deep or intense It is just a series of stories by people who have a personal connection with the book or the author Some are well known, others not so much Many tell about Nelle Harper Lee you learn about her second or third hand since there is so little direct communication from her since the time the book was published in 1960 She has kept herself out of the spotlight in spite of the efforts of many to shine it on her The fact that she has been somewhat invisible has, of course, made information about her in great demand Her connection with Truman Capote has intrigued people The fact that she has not published another book since TKMB is a lightening rod She does not defend or explain what she has or has not done in her writing career or personal life Like J.D Salinger, the mystery about her is now part of who she is She has elected to stay out of the limelight without any evidence of wanting that to be different Many interviewed for this book will tell you the real truth or at least what they think Many are writers who believe they have a special point of view as a result Scout, Atticus Boo helps the reader understand and experience the fact that famous people are just people in the end The twenty six famous people who told their little stories about reading TKMB and what they got out of it represent a range of people The approach to writing the book is to use the person s own spoken words put into writing I guess you would call most of it reminiscences in a colloquial monologue style Like an interview with the interviewer edited out Some of the entries are much interesting to read than others I did enjoy reading Mary Badham Scout , Anna Quindlen, Scott Turow and Andrew Young I mean, hardly any of them really knows Harper Lee but everyone has a viewpoint since that is what they are each asked to provide I would think the sister, Alice Finch Lee, who gets quite a few pages, would be interesting than she turns out to be You hear several refer to Huck Finn and others to Truman Capote as if this was special information that only they could share It may be harsh but I would apply the words drivel and insipid to some of the interviews They were interesting for a while, but soon got repetitious Only a few people who really know Nelle Harper Lee personally are in this book Those people, when asked to participate, must have simply said No, thank you The ones who said Sure are just using the dozen talking points about Harper Lee Everyone knows her book, but very few know her If you have read TKMB one or several times, you may feel that you know the characters After you have read this book you will know who in Lee s very small hometown, Monroeville, Alabama, is believed to be the template for quite a few characters in the book Depending on your source, Lee considers herself Boo or Scout or a bit of both Scout, Atticus Boo starts out with forty one pages of summary prose by author Mary Murphy that is a synopsis of the 168 pages of recollections that follow Reading that first forty one pages would be sufficient The second part, The Interviews, is simply the source of the summary information Not much new, significant information is added We are just beaten over the head softly maybe with the same material repeated until we finally reach the end Actually, I thought some of the most interesting interviews were at the end But you had to get there.This would be maybe a four star hundred page book I thought it was a 2 star 209 page book After all, how do you tell a famous person that you are not going to use their material The content of the book suggests that the author didn t try to edit out the repetition Everybody got their vote The fact that Scout, Atticus Boo is about a five star book doesn t make it automatically good but it does make it OK, two stars But it is hard to imagine Harper Lee authorizing this book considering her determination to maintain her privacy Since that authorization is not divulged, it is fair to assume she did not The extra star is for the first 41 pages and a few interesting interviews There is enough material here to make a very good long magazine or newspaper article Or maybe blog But not a rich book.

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    When I was growing up, we received a book every quarter from Reader s Digest Condensed Books For those of you too young to remember these treasures, a Readers Digest Condensed Book contained abridged versions of 4 5 recent releases and bestsellers When I was about 8 years old, in third grade, I picked up one of these volumes that contained To Kill a Mockingbird That story grabbed me and taught me about race, justice, and acceptance I saw the world completely through Scout s eyes Being the same age as her, I could easily identify with her When I grew up an re read the book, I found that I had missed a lot of the little lessons in the story, but I did pick up on the big ones When my daughter was old enough, I bought her a copy and she loved it just as much as I did.I really wanted a copy of Scout, Atticus, and Boo A Celebration of Fifty Years of To Kill a Mockingbird when I first saw it in the bookstore a few months ago Fortunately, I found a copy under my Christmas tree along with a 50th Anniversary hardcover edition of To Kill a Mockingbird in a slipcase Scout, Atticus, and Boo turned out to be a treasure I loved reading the interviews with people, famous and not, who had been touched by Harper Lee s classic I was really surprised by the number of interviewees who had read it as early in their lives as I had I also was surprised by how many people had used it in their classrooms and or had been exposed to it first as a high school reading assignment Unfortunately, neither I nor my children have been exposed to it in a classroom setting It s a shame, because I think it s a book every American should read.The wonderful thing about Scout, Atticus, and Boo was reading how To Kill a Mockingbird touched and inspired others just as much as it touched and inspired me It was like sitting down with a group of friends and swapping stories about what may be the most beloved book in America.

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    This book was mostly a meh book for me I went in to this book thinking it was a series of essays about To Kill a Mockingbird and its effects on society In reality the book is like a series of love letters to To Kill a Mockingbird that all say or less the same thing Harper Lee was brave it s obvious Truman Capote had no part in writing it I wish there were books by Harper Lee etcI did think the author that suggested Harper Lee wasn t brave because white writers should have been writing books about racial intolerance in the early 60s and weren t thus Lee wasn t brave because it was simply something everyone should do even if they didn t was kind of interesting Actually, it kind of felt like that particular author didn t like To Kill a Mockingbird much at all, other than the fact that one is supposed to.While I don t regret reading it and it was fun to hear from some of the people that wrote in the actress that played Scout, and Alice Lee in particular I didn t love it and probably won t recommend it.

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    Strange organization first section doesn t seem to be ordered in any way, and second section seems like transcripts of interviews the author did with different people transcripts that also don t seem to follow any method of organization it s difficult to read disjointed paragraphs I m really wondering if anyone edited this book I ve really never seen such disconnected paragraphs This book is not what I thought it would be I thought it would be a collection of the author s thoughts about Mockingbird obviously I didn t read the small print on the cover I just saw Scout, Atticus and Boo and grabbed it what an easy sell , but it s a bunch of comments from a bunch of different people Many of the comments are about the movie, which is annoying, because I thought this book was about the story, not how the movie was made I am pretty disappointed I am going to hurry and finish the book so I can add it to my read shelf and be done with it.Update I ve just read James McBride s interview basically he thinks Mockingbird is racist one detail he offers as evidence is that the name of Calpurnia s daughter is not mentioned I don t think he gets that Mockingbird is not about Calpurnia In his interview, McBride goes back and forth, halfway praising Lee Mockingbird and then slamming the story He even throws in a comment about Iraq, which was completely unnecessary, and also says that 95% of the books in bookstores are really just wasted trees How arrogant I m not really sure why Murphy included such a ridiculous interview in this bookI thought I was done with his interview, but there are two pages He just talked about how the movie doesn t compare to the book and that s why he doesn t want to make his book like I ll ever read it now, jerk into a movie Then, he criticized Atticus Finch unbelievable This man is seriously bitter once again, why was this interview included in this book Two other criticisms I teach this book to 8th graders and was hoping to get some new insight into the book no such luck Also, why do I care what Oprah thinks of Mockingbird

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    Writing a negative review regarding a book about my favorite book seems blasphemous Yet, here I go The author certainly has a host of credentials including the fact that she was a producer at CBS News, where she won six Emmy awards Still, because of the poor writing and editing, while reading this book I was drawn away from the story Just when I found an interesting tidbit, wham.I was frustrated by redundancy.In honor of the 50th anniversary of To Kill a Mockingbird, the author interviewed many prominent people who were greatly impacted by the book Tom Brokaw, Oprah Winfrey, Andrew Young and Rick Bragg were among some of those interviewed The author quoted many of their comments in her forward, then proceeded to use the same material again and again.On a positive note, I enjoyed many of the insights.Harper Lee was surprised by the instant success of her book She is quoted as saying I didn t expect the book to sell in the first place I was hoping for a quick and merciful death at the hand of the reviewers To Kill a Mockingbird remains my all time favorite book It continues to sell a million copies a year.Shame on you Mary McDonagh Murphy You could have done a better job You had so darn much to work with

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    Sounds like a must for Mockingbird fans Later and it is I first read To Kill a Mockingbird when I was in junior high and I still have the paperback copy I bought then which cost a whopping 95 cents It s pages are very yellow so when I saw the 40th anniv edition last year in a beautiful hard cover edition I snapped it up Scout, Atticus Boo made me want to read Mockingbird again It s full of lovely essays from great writers and journalists including Wally Lamb, Scott Turow, James Patterson, Richard Russo and Anna Quindlen, as well as Harper Lee s sister and Mary Badham who played Scout in the movie It s wonderful to read how Mockingbird influenced some of my favorite authors I also enjoyed Oprah s story of her meeting with Harper Lee and Gregory Peck There is a lot of speculation as to why Harper never wrote another book I m wondering if she will read this one I hope she does

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    This book had some interesting parts, however, overall it was a disappointment Murphy give away everything that her interviewies say almost quote by quote before one gets to the interviews themselves The first portion of the book mirrors the second almost verbatim I also did not find the people that she interviewed overall very interesting I loved the interview with Mary Badham, and Rick Bragg, but the rest were for the most part, with some exceptions, very predictable There is nothing new in this book Since she also did a documentary, I would like to see it and hope that there is life there.

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    Interesting stuff.Good book to read after you read TKAM

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