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The Christian Faith summary The Christian Faith , series The Christian Faith , book The Christian Faith , pdf The Christian Faith , The Christian Faith 843c4c5750 Michael Horton S Highly Anticipated The Christian Faith Represents His Magnum Opus And Will Be Viewed As One Of If Not The Most Important Systematic Theologies Since Louis Berkhof Wrote His In 1932 A Prolific, Award Winning Author And Theologian, Professor Horton Views This Volume As Doctrine That Can Be Preached, Experienced, And Lived, As Well As Understood, Clarified, And Articulated It Is Written For A Growing Cast Of Pilgrims Making Their Way Together And Will Be Especially Welcomed By Professors, Pastors, Students, And Armchair Theologians.Features Of This Volume Include 1 A Brief Synopsis Of Biblical Passages That Inform A Particular Doctrine 2 Surveys Of Past And Current Theologies With Contemporary Emphasis On Exegetical, Philosophical, Practical, And Theological Questions 3 Substantial Interaction With Various Christian Movements Within The Protestant, Catholic, And Orthodoxy Traditions, As Well As The Hermeneutical Issues Raised By Postmodernity And 4 Charts, Sidebars, Questions For Discussion, And An Extensive Bibliography, Divided Into Different Entry Levels And Topics.

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