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How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth chapter 1 How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth , meaning How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth , genre How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth , book cover How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth , flies How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth , How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth 45ca7d1949191 Whether It S Finding Spiritual Harmony, Reducing Carbon Emissions, Quelling Hostilities Among Races, Cutting Taxes, Or Feeding The Hungry, Every Single Person Has The Capacity To Change The World For The Better Longtime New Orleans Writer, Editor, And Philanthropist John E Wade II Has Asked Some Of Our Most Prestigious Thinkers, Writers, Artists, Experts, And Leaders To Consider How To Improve The World The Result This Ambitious Volume Is As Much A Social Mission As It Is An Inspirational Anthology Herein Lie Thoughtful And Hopeful Reflections On A Rich Variety Of Issues, Ranging From Racism, Poverty, Religious Persecution, Genocide, And Environmental Deterioration To Individual Consciousness, Mental Well Being, And Community Development.One Hundred One Contributions From Such Notable Personalities As Al Gore, Tony Blair, Nicholas Kristof, Thomas L Friedman, And George W Bush Explore Variations On The Themes Of Peace, Security, Freedom, Democracy, Prosperity, Spiritual And Racial Harmony, Ecology, Health, And Moral Purpose And Meaning Focusing On The Large Problems Of The World Without Losing Sight Of The Little Challenges People Face Every Day, This Collection Of Essays Encourages Readers To Find Meaning In Their Own Lives And Share It With Others For The Betterment Of The World Religious And Secular, Liberal And Conservative, Old And Young, The Luminaries Who Have Contributed To This Work Offer Their Voices And Thoughts To Inspire Movement Toward Creating A Harmonious World Community.

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    John E Wade II has edited a fantastic booked filled with 101 brilliant, insightful and inspirational essays from some of the world s greatest minds In his book, How To Achieve Heaven On Earth, Wade II has compiled essays from the greatest minds from around the world to help tackle some of societies toughest issues The book is divided into eleven sections Peace, Security, Freedom, Democracies, Prosperity, Spiritual Harmony Racial Harmony Ecological Harmony, Health, Moral Purpose and Meaning, and finally Individual Paths to Heaven on Earth In the preface, each of the ten main sections definitions is described in detail and as the book unfolds one reads essays from deep personal lessons, personal growth, as well as philosophical essays Each one of the 101 essays is not only well written but also intriguing and insightful I highly recommend How to Achieve Heaven on Earth to anyone looking for an insightful look at many of the major issues facing society today or merely to read some rath...

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    Even upon completing this book, I still ask myself how do I achieve heaven on earth The book didn t answer that question, so if you re like me, looking for a literal answer, keep looking.This book is an inspirational view on achieving happiness or contentment from your life With the collection of essays, some even written by people we can all name, they do hit on ...

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    If everyone who reads this book took away just one of the ideas presented and acted upon it, maybe we wouldn t achieve heaven on earth but the world would be a much better place to exist within Great essays with very good insights and ideas.

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    Some inspirational, some a bit academic, but all in all a very good read.

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