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Sixteen Going on Undead chapter 1 Sixteen Going on Undead , meaning Sixteen Going on Undead , genre Sixteen Going on Undead , book cover Sixteen Going on Undead , flies Sixteen Going on Undead , Sixteen Going on Undead 61aafa836e76b I Just Wanted An Ordinary Summer Spent Doing As Little As Possible, Hanging Out At The Mall With My Boy Ronnie So Why Did My World Have To Flip Upside Down From The Moment I Tried To Save My Elderly Neighbor From A Vampire Attack Why Did That Vampire Have To Be The Hottest Guy I D Ever Laid My Eyes On, And Would Somebody Explain To Me Why He Had To Be A Part Of A Coven That Wanted Me Dead Or Should I Say Undead.All Of A Sudden I Don T Know Who To Trust, I Don T Know What To Do With These Steadily Increasing Powers I Have, And I Don T Know Why The Vampires Think I M So Special The Worst Part Of It All Is I Can T Stop Myself From Falling In Love With A Boy That Only Wants Me For My Blood Life Cannot Get Any Complicated Than That.

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    Besides all the typo mistakes I thought this was a cute story, exhausting at times but cute I think the author spent so much time on having this poor girl run away from everything and everyone, you didn t get a chance to know all the characters personally yeah I like to know them I liked the mystery of it all but wanted to ...

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    The spelling in this was way off but it was a good read A little too much drama and mooning The main character could have been written with a littlespine, in my pinion it would ve made the story a littlebelieveable Throughout I felt like I was reading the misadventures of Grover from Sesame Street Everytime she came upon a problem she ran away or made some wise crack Not once did she stop to think about what might happen to her if she went ahead and did something she knew was da The spelling in this was way off but it was a good read A little too much drama and mooning The main charac...

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    Alot typos and mistakes Plot was a little over dragged, seemed like it would never get to the point I ll admit that I would ve love for a part two, but don t see it happening due to how long this book been out.

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    I really liked the book and it s story but the book was a little too quick to read.

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    A funny read Wish it wasto it but i liked it nonetheless.

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