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Rose Alley files Rose Alley, read online Rose Alley, free Rose Alley, free Rose Alley, Rose Alley 2aadc8cf0 Fiction When Violence Erupts On The Streets Of Paris In May 1968, A Hapless International Film Crew Finds Itself Stranded During The Shooting Of A Preposterous Low Budget Blue Movie About Notorious 18th Century Erotic Poet John Wilmot, The Earl Of Rochester A Deadpan And Digressive Behind The Scenes Catalog Of The Actors, Filmmakers, Bystanders, And Subjects Involved In This Movie, ROSE ALLEY Is Also A Fantastical And Venomous Love Letter To French Film And Literature, Obsessive Collectors, Pornography, Language, Revolution, Misanthropy, The Joys Of Cross Cultural Misunderstanding, And Other Peculiar Objects Of Affection As Harry Mathews Writes, You Have No Excuse Not To Read This Book.

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    This book was Not Great There was a lot of interesting and fun turns of phrase, but anything resembling a story was densely hidden and inaccessible Maybe I m just Not Smart But basically it was a book about a historical e...

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    Cinematic history is littered with screenplays that never took off, films halted midstream because of exorbitant production costs, and projects derailed by Machiavellian producers and directors or megalomaniacal actors Many of these ill fated films were simply stored away to anonymously languish in a vault some released years later to satisfy researchers, aficionados, and completists Rose Alley, Jeremy M Davies s comic debut, is the story of a crazed and ultimately failed attempt to film a biopic based on the life of John Wilmot, second Earl of Rochester, also a renowned satirist and bawdy bard The titillating titular film It would be a documentary fiction A dialectical fiction With fucking Simulated is shot in Paris under the specter of the calamitous riots, that is, during the May 1968 general strike of 11 million workers But while the confusion stirred by the disquiet suffuses the narrative, direct commentary on the strikes is not Davies s project Instead, much of his focus is on the labyrinthine twists of the film s botched production as well as the outr frivolities of its colorful cast and crew.Seemingly mimicking the film s breakdown and, at least metaphorically, the dissolution of French society...

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    Jeremy M Davies Rose Alley reconstructs the shooting of the film Rose Alley, filmed in the midst of the Paris student revolutions of 1969, each chapter but two telling us the movements and gestures, erotic, literary, personal, of one person connected with the film starlet cum ingenue cum nudie cutie Evelyn Nevers to cinematographer gone recluse Selwyn Wexler These are very funny people, and their antic adventures only underscore the level of almost indescribable verbal play in the novel, which really is a phantasmagoric riot of sound Here s a sample sentence, genuinely culled at random, throwing the book open with as much deliberateness as the I ching Big Michael Krause took the maestro out of the piano and put his thumbs into the Russian s Adam s apple 39 The whole book is like this, clotted with words you can chew and sounds you ll want to sing Leaving aside the erudition of the novel, fill as it is with English Restoration history and that of the Fren...

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    Jeremy s a good friend of mine, but even if he weren t, I wouldn t admire Rose Alley any less I probably just wouldn t have heard about it and read it This is a brilliant novel Open it up to any page and start reading every sentence delights And the whole construction is winning on every level, from the concept pairing the Mai 68 riots with John Dryden s ambush , to the style voyeuristic and yet so charmingly snide , to the conceit telling the plot in the background by dedicating each of the thirteen chapters to a different character that s involved in it Jeremy has managed...

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    Jeremy Davies has written some amazingly concise, beautiful sentences I enjoyed Rose Alley a great deal, and felt the characters were ephemeral amalgamations of familiar actresses, socialites and infamous personas of th...

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    ROSE ALLEYJeremy DaviesCounterpath Press 15.95Jeremy Davies debut novel Rose Alley is a conundrum of the delicious sort Rose Alley defies containment, and Davies seems to have deliberately written an unfilmable and unsummarizable narrative on the subject of filmmaking Readers will find themselves caught somewhere between the lyricism of Faulkner and the timeless character studies of Chaucer And perhaps that s were one should begin Rose Alley is effectively a composite of characters studies, lyrical and poignant, with priories set not on a narrative arc, but on capturing the vagrancies of the human condition.Rose Alley is divided into twelve distinct chapters, with each chapter encapsulating a character Oftentimes a character mentioned in passing in one chapter is later awarded a chapter of his or her own sometimes, the reader discovers parallels between narratives, and sometimes the reader will be forced to hurtle gaps of a hundred or so pages before discovering a sense of meaning in a particular character Davies was kind enough to include an appendix, which is of great use Appendixes aside, this authorial choice forces the most stubborn of readers to cease the search for a linear thread, and embrace the riveting turbidity of Davies prose Filmmaking, functions as the narrative conceit the novel opens and closes and touche...

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    Interesting character sketches with some compelling language Worth a read Left something to be desired in terms of the craft of the novel, I thought.

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    An absolute corker, funny and full tilt outrageous, genuinely worthy of that overused adjectivization Joycean my favorite debut novel of the past however many years Read it at once.

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