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The Good Companions summary The Good Companions , series The Good Companions , book The Good Companions , pdf The Good Companions , The Good Companions a52c12e252 Probably The Most Popular Of Priestley S Novels, The Good Companions Was An Instant Best Seller When It Was First Published In July 1929, And, While JBP Came To Feel Its Success Subsequently Overshadowed Many Important Works, The Book Has Remained Popular It Was His Third Novel And It Is Certainly Well Written And Very Readable It Is, Too, An Enjoyable Romp, All About A Stranded Theatrical Group The Dinky Doos Rescued By Miss Trant And Coverted Into The Good Companions, And Involving Their Adventures With Such Characters As Jess Oakroyd, The Middle Aged Joiner From Bruddersford, Who Breaks Free From His Miserable Domestic Existence, Susie Dean And Inigo Jollifant It Is The Sort Of Long, Colourful Novel Which Was One Of Priestley S Hallmarks, And It Is Clear That Priestley Enjoyed Himself Writing It He Regarded The Job As Not So Much A Task, A Kind Of Holiday.One Of The Ironies Of The Success Of The Good Companions Is That When He Discussed His Idea For The Book With His Publishers They Told Him That Such A Book Would Not Appeal To The Current Reading Public However, The Germ Of The Story Was Embedded Deep Into His Mind And Heart, And Writing The Novel Became Something Of An Obsession He Had Made Up His Mind To Write A Novel That He Himself Could Enjoy Even If Nobody Else Didand, In The Event, A Great Many Others Also Loved It The Novel Arrived At A Time When The Country Was In Depression, And Someone Commented That The Good Companions Soared Out Of The Gloom Like A Fairy Tale To Lift Thousands Of Minds Into A World Of Literary Enchantment David Hughes In J.B Priestley An Informal Study Of His Work , Wrote The Good Companions Is A Simple Book, Plainly Constructed And Straightforwardly Told Like So Much Of Priestley S Work, Its Action Begins On A Note Of Rebellion, While Its Impulse Is The Search For Romance Without Losing Sight Of Reality Indeed, Staring Into The Very Heart Of Reality For The Magic Jess Oakroyd Is Pitched Into Loneliness By The Drab Quarrrelling Of His Family Miss Trant, Suddenly Relieved In Early Middle Age Of A Burden That Might Have Lasted Her Lifetime, Turns Against The Trivial Monotony Of Her Genteel Days In A Cotswold Village Inigo Jollifant, Surrounded In The Prep School Where He Teaches By Petty Rulings, Is Refused Permission To Play The Piano By The Headmaster S Wife, Gets Drunk And Escapes Into The Night Three Separate Rebellions Against The Frustrations Of Life Put Three Characters On The Road For What Is Probably The Longest Picaresque Novel In English Since Pickwick Priestley Started To Write The Good Companions In January 1928, And He Delivered The Manuscript To Heinemann In March 1929.At Least Two Films Have Been Made Of The Good Companions, And It Has Been Turned Into A Play On Several Occasions.

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    I found a 1986 copy of The Good Companions tucked in the sad, abandoned books closet in the common room of our dormitory I was desperate for a novel that wouldn t depress me for some reason, the books I grabbed on my way up to Boston were all intelligently and academically unhappy, a little rubbing and joyless, or otherwise just unsettling This story filled a literary need I didn t know I had Brilliant characterization, brilliant storytelling, characters developed quickly, deftly, danced a I found a 1986 copy of The Good Companions tucked in the sad, abandoned books closet in the co...

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    From BBC Radio 4 Dra,a John Retallack s dramatisation of J B Priestley s classic story of a 1929 Concert Party tour charts new adventures for factory worker Jess Oakroyd and newly independant Miss Tra...

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    If you re thinking about reading this wonderful novel, you ve got to be prepared for an extremely long period piece written immediately after World War I that s a little slow getting started, that s about the lives of Britain s long forgotten music hall troupes, and that s devoid of any really sensational plot developments If that doesn t stop you, GET THIS BOOK It s one of my best reads of 2013 and maybe 2012, as well Priestley introduces us to three discontented people a lonely unmarrie If you re thinking about...

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    I re read this book last summer and loved it just as much as the first time It was first published in 1929 and I hope it s not out of print It s a road book, which I love, and involves a cast of memorable characters all drawn together into one traveling theatrical company It probably helps to be able to decipher Yorkshire and cockney accents, but once you can do that, it s as full of good things as a plum pudding hmmm full of plums I recently read in Private B...

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    A delightful book, with lovable and memorable characters and lots of local colour Follows the adventures of a troupe of music hall performers in what must be the 1920s, as they travel through small town England The diverse cast of characters is viewed mainly through the eyes of two outsiders Jess Oakroyd, a work...

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Bettie s Books

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    Mentioned in, The Diary of a Provincial Lady by E M Delafield

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    I loved the way that Priestley drew you into this story and his portrayal of the Northern character His descriptions of the various events which lead to the formation of the Good Companions was wonderful and I couldn t put the book down I now have to readPriestley

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    I am at last reading The Good Companions I love it That s the sort of book I would like to write P.G Wodehouse

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    Maybe not great literature but I can t remember the last time I enjoyed a book so much.

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