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Portrait of Susan chapter 1 Portrait of Susan, meaning Portrait of Susan, genre Portrait of Susan, book cover Portrait of Susan, flies Portrait of Susan, Portrait of Susan 5e77f44084114 Susan And Her Brother, Paul, Were Supremely Happy Managing Willowfield Farm In Rhodesiauntil The Owner Returned David Forrest Believed In Ruling With A Strong Hand He Also Believed In Keeping Women In Their Proper Place, But His Idea Of What That Place Should Be Didn T Coincide With High Spirited Susan SWhen He Imported A Widowed Friend, All Fragility Without And Iron Hard Selfish Within, And Expected Susan To Act As Her Companion, It Was Almost Too Muchbut Susan Had To Accept His Decision For Paul S Sake How Long Could The Uneasy Situation Last Without A Blow Up Of Some Kind

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    This one was fun Again, Rosalind Brett seems to be able to strike that balance that so many of her contemporaries do not She has an OTT OW, but it s always quite obvious that the H is extremely interested in the h Yes, he might pay attention to the OW, but it never tips over into anything that appears to be romantic to the impartial eye In other words, this H might be concerned about the OW, but he s not giving her casual kisses or making flirtatious remarks or comparing her favorably to the h like other H s do It makes a huge difference The OM is also a legitimately nice guy but not toothless in any way, and it would almost be OK for the h to choose him he has H potential.Edited to add another reason why I liked this book...

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    Rosalind Brett a.k.a Kathryn Blair and Celine Conway brings us her version Big Brother Africa, the Rhodesian farm edition The house guests are listed as follows The cynical Hero, the young, headstrong heroine, the evil scheming OW, the mischievous worldly OM and the weak willed brother Let the games begin as all contenders stay in one house and match their wits against each other Who will be eliminated Dun dun dun Not a lot of romance happens in this novel One roofie kiss only To which the heroine responds with a shot to the Hero s chin The undertones of this novel were really well done, though We knew the Hero was besotted We knew the heroine was besotted We knew the OW was evil mwahhahaha The brother was completely useless other than as a prop to...

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    Just okay The heroine is kinda a tomboy The Hero indulges the hypochondriac OW way too much The wannabe OM is the one that stands up for the heroine against the OWAs is usual OW is truly manipulative and scheming and gets no good comeuppance.

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    I enjoyed this novel at the time of reading back in 1975 and I believe I have read this another 2 times I love the book covers of this time period.

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    My favorite character was the OW She was a real nasty one and was fun to hate lol.

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