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    Running on Empty by Ken CasperHarlequin NASCAR LibrarySecrets And Legends Series Book 14Hugo Murphy is the crew chief for his nephew Justin He had raised Justin and his sister Rachel along with Kim, his stepdaughter who he always considered his own daughter Especially since her mother had deserted them when Kim was only four Hugo never gave up looking for his ex wife or wondering why she left Someone had come forward to give Kim the kidney she needed to live and Hugo had to believe it was Sylvie.Sylvie Ketchum Murphy had a pretty rough life She loved her husband and daughter so much that her only choice was to leave them Thirty years later she heard the plea for someone to come forward to donate a kidney for her beloved Kimmy Someone with the rare blood type she shared with her daughter She tried to be anonymous but Hugo found her She told the truth about the past and Sylvie didn t have much hope for herself in the future, but at least she could give her daughter a new chance at life.This book was full of emotions and the author did an excellent job of bringing them to life for the reader The mystery of what happened to Sylvie has been solved along with other questions The racing season is coming to an end now but there are still a few things that need to be settled Book fifteen is Extreme Caution and it brings back Maeve Branch A woman trying to keep her social standing and make it another day as her world as she knew it crumbles around her.

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    that was nice to see that Hugo had is own book.It s nice that the characters are in their fifthiesas always it s way too short ROE lasts like 15 days but it s always like that with Harlequin Romance books.but all in all that was nice.

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    Nothing too spectacular Good solid writing and story line It did a good job incorporating charachters from other books I felt like it wasn t very suspensful though, or really exciting.

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Running On Empty summary pdf Running On Empty, summary chapter 2 Running On Empty, sparknotes Running On Empty, Running On Empty f72f30a NASCAR Crew Chief Hugo Murphy Could Never Forget Sylvie Ketchum, Especially Since He Only Had To Look At Her Daughter Their Daughter To Be Reminded Of The Woman He D Loved But She D Deserted Him And Kim Without A Word, Shattering Their Hopes And Dreams Nothing Could Fill The Void Except NASCARYears Ago, Sylvie Had Loved Hugo With All The Fiery Impetuousness Of Youth But She D Had A Secret That Had Torn Them Apart Now She Had A Chance To Atone For Her Mistakesand Save The Life Of The Child She D Left Behind But Doing So Meant Dealing With Her Ex Husband, Hugo, Againand Having The Strength To Finally Tell Him The Real Reason She D Left Him And The World Of NASCAR Behind

  • Paperback
  • 248 pages
  • Running On Empty
  • Ken Casper
  • English
  • 02 March 2017
  • 9780373217977