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Hate to Love files Hate to Love , read online Hate to Love , free Hate to Love , free Hate to Love , Hate to Love e90cbafa4 She Thinks He S A Jerk He Thinks She S A Brat But What Happens When Sparks Fly Between Them After A Bad Break Up, Alexis Santiago Intends To Swear Off Boys She S Determined To Spend The Rest Of Her Senior Year Drama Free Should Be Easy, Right Nick Wilson Is Trouble With A Capital T Everyone Knows It Alexis Definitely Knows It So When She Winds Up Working At His Dad S Pizza Place, She Makes Sure To Keep Her Distance But Nick Isn T Making It Easy For Some Reason, He Loves Pissing Her Off And Getting Into Her Nerves Riling Her Up Seems To Be His New Favorite Hobby When Attraction Starts To Grow Between Them, Alexis Finds It Hard To Resist Him But If She Gives In, Will He Be Willing To Give Up His Bad Boy Ways

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    Summary or Review of BookI loved the book I am a twelve year old author and I know which books are good and are terrible This book was perfect If I had a choice I would not read this book again because I don t read the exact same books twice But I would read this book twice because it was so I good I enjoyed this book I have his book this rating because the book was perfect but it was not amazing Thank you for writing this book Madeleine I will recommend this book to my friends because we all love young adult books, fiction books, and romance books out into one book Trust me or entire bedroom they live with me is packed with young adult, fiction, and romance books Also half of our books are the ones where romance, fiction, and young adult books are out into one Thank you so, so, so, so ,so, much Madeleine Labitan, for writing this book The only dislike is, is that you didn t put the illustrator of the book for the cover.

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    Was alright This book was okay I absolutely loved Nick Way than one should love a character and that is mainly the only reason I managed to finish this book Lexi was annoying from the very beginning of the book till the very end She was everything I personally dislike in female characters Definitely one of the most annoying characters out of this entire series.There were a few spelling errors here and there, nothing too major I get that it s a teen read, but the strong language in this book is definitely not recommended for under 16 year olds I ve enjoyed this entire series so far first book had me hooked but this is definitely the worst book of the lot.

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    Hmm If you like real life this is what today s teens are doing , then this is the book for you I do not like to date authors low, but in my opinion, I could find a lot that would make Nick lovable Being hot and pot smoker and drinker doesn t make him cool in my book Love is not the same as lust It doesn t take a wordsmith to be able to use other words other than the F word to get a point across Having said all of that, I m so believe that this author has a lot of talent I apologize in advance if this review seemed negative, but teen books seem to branching out to anything goes.

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    I wasn t impressed This one was kind of just meh The MC was a little annoying And I prefer books written in past tense so that s always a mental hurdle to jump over when it s written in present tense.

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