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Miracle Creek chapter 1 Miracle Creek, meaning Miracle Creek, genre Miracle Creek, book cover Miracle Creek, flies Miracle Creek, Miracle Creek ad74ca61b2d25 How Far Will You Go To Protect Your Family Will You Keep Their Secrets Ignore Their Lies In A Small Town In Virginia, A Group Of People Know Each Other Because They Re Part Of A Special Treatment Center, A Hyperbaric Chamber That May Cure A Range Of Conditions From Infertility To Autism But Then The Chamber Explodes, Two People Die, And It S Clear The Explosion Wasn T An AccidentA Showdown Unfolds As The Story Moves Across Characters Who Are All Maybe Keeping Secrets, Hiding Betrayals Was It The Careless Mother Of A Patient Was It The Owners, Hoping To Cash In On A Big Insurance Payment And Send Their Daughter To College Could It Have Been A Protester, Trying To Prove The Treatment Isn T Safe

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