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The Bad Policeman pdf The Bad Policeman, ebook The Bad Policeman, epub The Bad Policeman, doc The Bad Policeman, e-pub The Bad Policeman, The Bad Policeman 6b82db3b57b I Love The Poet In You , She Said But The Poet Was Very Small And The Policeman Was, And Still Is, Getting Bigger And One Day Soon The Policeman Will Plant His Big Fat Bum In The Poet S Face And It Will Be Game Over Constable Marcus Blainey Has Done Bad Things The Bad Policeman Is His Effort To Set The Record Straight Inside His Head Is Not Always A Comfortable Place To Be, Particularly Now His Wife Has Left Him And Isn T Coming Back It Also Seems His Son Doesn T Plan To Forgive Him Either Blainey Is Trying To Overcome His Paralysis Of Will To Help A Child In Danger But, As He Tries To Cope With The Pressures Of His Job He Finds Himself Sliding Down The Slippery Slope Of Moral Panic The Only Redeeming Features Of His Life Are His Cat, His Partner Steve And His Waning Passion For Poetry Fast Paced, Funny And Tragic By Turns, A Blood Stained Chain Of Events Turns Marcus Into A Hero To Everyone But Himself.

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    How do you describe a book that doesn t fit How do you say this is a book where nothing momentous happens, yet it does How do you describe a tragedy that is as funny as it is tragic How do you nail jelly to a wall Constable Blainey is a uniformed police officer stationed in a town 100 kilometres West of Sydney i.e The Blue Mountains He is divorced, lives alone and isn t close to his only grown up son Blainey is a poet in his spare time He has had a small book of verse published, but he s a bit self conscious about that He regards his partner, Steve as his only real friend.THE BAD POLICEMAN is Blainey s own inner dialogue with himself The people he meets, the things he witnesses, decisions he makes all pile on top of each other to bring him to where we meet him in the book He sees corruption around him, both small and large He debates with himself which he can act on and which he can t This leads to even inner turmoil We see Blainey as he sees himself, stripped bare of all pretence or facade What Blainey sees in himself he doesn t like A number of things happen that effect his life which leads him to a crisis point Blainey takes us through his days from his own point of view At times his thoughts are confused and confusing almost stream o...

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    I confess to not putting a category or genre on this book because I m not really sure what it fits into other than fiction of course.This is a fabulous little book the story of Marcus Blainey, a poet who works as a cop The cop persona is taking over rapidly and he s not coping well.Marcus tells his own story and he s very very hard on himself It might be that he s got a point in some places, but really he s not quite as bad as he seems to think he is But he doesn t cope well with anything much in his life When his wife left him I don t think he saw it coming, when his son stepped away from him, I doubt he ll ever work out why His police partner is a bit of an overachiever, but I don t think Marcus can quite figure out why and I know his partner doesn t get Marcus But he s not completely disconnected from everything he has joined a men s support group which is probably part of the problem from the sounds of it , he finds himself attracted to women but there s something offputting about being attracted to the widow of a man whose death he had to report to her on duty Perhaps not unexpectedly events conspire to change things for Marcus as far as everyone else is concerned Despite his panic when he finds himself completely unable to react or cope when a child he knows appears to be in danger, somehow he becomes the hero But in typical Marcus fashion he doesn t think so.Fast paced and refreshingly tightly written, THE BAD POLICEMAN is sometimes f...

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    Absolutely brilliant novel.

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