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Confessions of Son of Sam chapter 1 Confessions of Son of Sam, meaning Confessions of Son of Sam, genre Confessions of Son of Sam, book cover Confessions of Son of Sam, flies Confessions of Son of Sam, Confessions of Son of Sam 1ba98b5b4bc14 In 1976 The Country Was Shocked And Fascinated By A Bizarre Series Of Murders In New York City The Killer, Known As Son Of Sam, Stalked His Victims After Dark, Choosing As His Prey Young Women, Usually Sitting With Their Dates In Parked Cars For One Long Year, The City Lay In The Grip Of Fear On August 10, 1977 It Was Finally Over David Berkowitz Was Arrested, And Eventually Sentenced To Several Hundred Years Behind Bars But The Story Didn T End There In March 1979 Dr David Abrahamsen, A Psychiatrist Retained By The Brooklyn District Attorney To Examine Berkowitz And The Only One To Judge Him Competent To Stand Trial Received A Letter From The Killer He Wanted To Tell His Whole Story To, Ironically, The Man Who Pronounced Him Fit For Trial Confessions Of Son Of Sam Is A Probing Analysis Of The Mind Of The Man Responsible For One Of The Most Terrifying And Most Publicized Serial Murders Of All Time Based On Fifty Hours Of Personal Interviews With Berkowitz And Four Hundred Pages Of Personal Correspondence With Him, It Is A Unique And Compelling Portrait Of A Killer Who Told All To The Psychiatrist He Came To Know And Confide In In A Man He Knew He Could Not Fool From Police Interrogations, Exhaustive Psychological Tests, And Numerous Discussions With Berkowitz S Family, Friends, Former Teachers, And Others, Abrahamsen Unmasks The Killer S Complex Personality, Weaving Both A Terrifying Psychological Profile And A Riveting Detective Story.

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    written before all the major research done on serial killers, Hence there is a lot of Freudian clap trap.

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    I have been terrible at reading this year so far I find myself ordering books and picking out books that I think are going to be awesome and that I am going to love, but then when I actually begin reading them, I lose interest right away and then they sit there while I watch NetFlix.However, I stuck with this one and actually finished it Probably because serial killers Nuff said.I had never really read in depth about David Berkowitz before Sure I had read some of the case files about his victims and the nature of the crimes, but never about the man himself This was a very nice change from that Especially since it was written by someone who was in contact with him There are several conversations transcribed verbatim within the book and I really enjoy that I love getting in depth about people and their state of mind Since this was written from the transcripts right after he was arrested and during his trial, the events are still fresh and the way he describes everything is very much in the moment instead of a remembrance from years after the fact.It was fascinating to read about how David because we re on a first name bas...

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