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More than Lies explained More than Lies, review More than Lies, trailer More than Lies, box office More than Lies, analysis More than Lies, More than Lies ab31 More Than Lies.Epub Happy Ever After Seems So Easy For Some But Not For Us We Re Locked Somewhere Between Love And Hate.TARALYNN EVANSI Ve Loved Shawn Nearly All Of My Life But College Is Almost Over, And It Kills Me That He S Been With Every Girl In Town Except Me It S Time I Let Go Of Old Dreams, And Of This Pain I M Just Not Sure I M Strong Enough He S Like A Tattoo Permanently Inked On My Heart.But When The Foundation Of My Life Crumble, Who Will Be There To Put The Broken Pieces Back Together SHAWN BRADENInk, Sex, And Lies That S Me I M The Guy Who Screws A Girl Against The Wall And Then Walks I Ve Been Pushing Tara Away For Years, Knowing She S Too Good For Me, Even Though It Burns To See Her With Other Guys Now She S The One Walking And I M Not Sure I Can Handle Losing Her.Then Tragedy Rips Our Lives Apart, And I Realize Too Late That I Wasted My Chance Love Is Stronger Than Lies Or Is It

  • Kindle Edition
  • 404 pages
  • More than Lies
  • N.E. Henderson
  • English
  • 26 October 2017

10 thoughts on “More than Lies

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    I really struggled to finish this book This was the kind of book that made me sad and angry while I was reading it According to the reviews I m in the minority, and that makes me even sadder Maybe I just don t get it, but I rather be this way to be honest When I say the book made me sad, it s not for the right reasons It made me sad, because I was hoping for a story with some semblance of romance in it And what I got was characters that disgusted me, and made me pause and think is this what the author and most important the readers view as romance Is this what women find attractive in a H Do women find this type of behavior appealing and attractive in a man Do they expect or allow to be treated this way Are girls attracted to a man that treats and talks about other women like trash I know this is supposed to be fiction and not reality, but it says a lot about what women s views and expectations are, I mean I think we romance readers like to read stories with characters that we can look up to, or fantasize a lit...

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    4.5 stars It might have started off a bit slowly but in this case I was glad It allowed me to really get to know characters, learn their quirks and find out who they really are and what they feel.Taralynn and Shawn have known each other since they were five and that s the moment Tara fell in love with him Shawn not so much Fiveteen years later and Tara is still in love with him while Shawn bangs everything that moves After a while it becames clear that he also has feelings for her but for some unknown reasons he refuses to ever be with her.And Tara seems to sense it She knows that there s nothing she can do to make him want to be with her But when a tragedy falls upon Tara, Shawn is the one to help her Shawn helps her to get through it Not only mentally, but also physically.I really enjoyed reading this one It was my first book by N.E Henderson and it won t be my last Her writing was captivating and even when the plot wasn t really moving forward I wasn t bored It kept me interested the whole time unfortunatelly for me, because I should have been studying, not reading.Characters were likeable most of them Tara s mother was bitch and she got what she deserved in the end Tara s BFF Matt should have been slaped He didn t act like a best friend should, not even in the end And that pisses me off May...

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    Shawn Braden and Taralynn Evans have known each other practically all their lives, yet as long as they have known each other, there has never been a them And not because of Taralynn, but because of Shawn Shawn feel likes he s incapable of having a relationship with any woman, let alone Taralynn, so he does it the easy way random hookups, and no, he doesn t do repeats either One thing is for sure, though He s never loved anyone but TaralynnTaralynn s life has been anything but perfect She does what she is asked by her mother, yet feels likes she s suffocating being someone she s not If only Shawn would see how much she loves him and accept her, it would make her life easier There is a lot of drama involved with Shawn refusing to give in to his own happiness due to his fear of failing, and Taralynn professing her love for him with no avail At times, it felt like too much back and forth with Shawn s jealousy when it came down to Taralynn deciding to move on from him she wanted to be happy and she knew it wasn t going to happen with him, because he d made it very clear he would not be going down that road with her They were supposed to be college age, but it felt like high school drama and, despite enjoying the story, that occasional...

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    Okay, this book really grabbed my attention from the beginning and I enjoyed it, but it also really confused me.I understood that Shawn felt he wasn t good enough for Taralynn, but I kinda agreed for most of the book I get it, he was an alpha male, but always referring to every woman as bitch really started to get on my nerves after a little, bit I just didn t feel like he was likeable and I love tough guys, but I guess I need a guy that can be tough, but has an actual soft side.Also, the main character Tara, didn t curse and Shawn thought she was little miss perfect, but she slept around with a guy she didn t like I m not one that needs the main characters only to be with each other, I actually find it refreshing when they aren t together the entire book and there are other people to complicate things It was just a total contradictio...

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    3 stars ARC kindly provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review When I ve started reading this story I was so excited about it The story was beautiful and I was sure that it was a 5 star book But then started the problems..The plot was not well thought There were events taking place that were creating an anticipation for me for what it could come out of them and then nothing No explanation, no what happened next, no why.For example the relationship of Matt with AmandaThere was nothing about her and her behavior No explanation why she was so awful to Tara, no explanation of why Matt was staying with her although she was so terrible person, nothing Then in the end that she did something terrible, nothing was explained Also the event with Derrick.was it planned Was that his intentions No explanation, no what happened next.The characters of the book also confused me Tara was from one hand shy and didn t use curse words but on the other hand she was hooking up with Jared I don t get it Then something terrible happened in her life and it felt like she got over it really fast There was no mourning period,...

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    FREE on today 1 13 2018 Blurb Happy ever after seems so easy for some But not for us We re locked somewhere between love and hate.Ink, sex, and lies that s me I m the guy who screws a girl against the wall and then walks I ve been pushing Tara away for years, knowing she s too good for me, even though it burns to see her with other guys Now she s the one walking and I m not sure I can handle losing her.Then tragedy rips our lives apar...

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    Besides the super hot scenes what I enjoyed most about Shawn and Taralynn s story is the complexity and imperfection of their feelings This is not a clean and clear cut story The characters are flawed and better for it I really really enjo...

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    When you see the title one even thinks it s a nice, intriguing suspenseful romance LOL I almost got tricked But thanks to this review

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    Let me start this by saying that is always amazing to discover a new author NE Henderson has other books out there, but this is the first time I m reading one of her books It won t be the last More Than Lies is a friends to lovers story A pretty funny, I want slap your face sometimes, rollercoaster of emotions, Not drama free, love story And yes, you might want to check it out So we have Taralynn and Shawn They know we each other since they were five years old Their big brothers Trent and Shane are best friends and Taralynn spent a lot of time at Shawn s home I liked that we got some glimpses flashbacks of their childhood Makes the reader understand and connect with the characters deeper. Now as adults Tara and Shawn are roommates and it seems like they can t find their happiness Tara wants Shawn and Shawn Bad boy, sexy as sin, hot as hell Shawn doesn t think he is enough for Tara So what happens between these two Yes, you guessed it We have an ...

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