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    EDIT 5 24 2016 Fixed minor typos.At the end of the day, 4 5 is probably a star higher than the book actually deserves However, given the unique perspective that the book takes, along with the interesting facts and tidbits sprinkled throughout, I ended up enjoying the read despite its apparent flaws.In GRUNTS, Longley tries to replicate the experience of the soldier of Vietnam, starting from the nervous and naive recruit at boot camp and ending with the mangled sufferer of PTSD trying to integrate back into society Attention isn t paid to specific years or hard dates, instead opting to explain the soldier s lookout and challenges gradually throughout all five chapters From poor training to hard drug and alcohol problems, the Vietnam War is painted as a vivid emotional hell In addition, significant attention is to paid to under recognized racial issues that existed before, during, and after the war for many POC veterans.Despite drawing on a vast wealth of testimony from veterans and records of deceased soldiers, only the basics of the war itself is described Outside of the Tet Of...

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    Overall a fairly broad but interesting examination of the role of the soldier and the world they were thrust into While it was fairly generic and the author let in his opinions often than not, I think it is still a compelling piece, if only for the stories that help paint a clearer picture of the world they were thrust into It can really be broken down into an examination of the psychological impact of the war on the men who waged it on the front lines What is clearly evident is the psychological impact from day one through the trip home and the haunting aspect the war had on the men and women who were forced to face it An excellent read but one that fails to bring much new information to light Overall read if your a ...

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    A good very bare bones general overview of the Infantryman s experience in Vietnam This book isn t a history of the war itself, but focuses SOLELY on the role of the soldier from the early mid 1960s through the return home The book covers what drove men to enlist from the draft to societal pressures , the experience in country, and the experience after returning home While...

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Grunts: The American Combat Solider in Vietnam download Grunts: The American Combat Solider in Vietnam, read online Grunts: The American Combat Solider in Vietnam, kindle ebook Grunts: The American Combat Solider in Vietnam, Grunts: The American Combat Solider in Vietnam 4ff812a3c81b This Book Provides A Fresh Approach To Understanding The American Combat Soldier S Experience In Vietnam It Integrates Such Topics As The Political Culture, The Experiences Of Training, The Actual Vietnam Experience, And The Homecoming , And Offers A Remarkable Overview Of The 870,000 Grunts Who Bore The Brunt Of The Fighting In The Jungles And Highlands Of South Vietnam, And Eventually Cambodia And Laos.The Book Addresses Many Of The Stereotypes Of The Vietnam Combat Veteran That Have Been Perpertrated In Popular Culture, And Also Considers How Vietnam Veterans Have Been Commemorated Through Memorials And Other Means, And How The Veterans Remember Each Other The Coverage Also Includes Women Who Served In Or Near The Front Lines As Well As On The Home Front The Author Draws On Memoirs And Oral Histories Including His Personal Interviews With Veterans, But The Book Conveys A Picture Of The Vietnam Combat Soldier S Experience Far Powerful Than What Individual Memoirs Can Provide.