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Bloody Seoul pdf Bloody Seoul , ebook Bloody Seoul , epub Bloody Seoul , doc Bloody Seoul , e-pub Bloody Seoul , Bloody Seoul cc652389e3c Rocky S The Most Loyal 16 Year Old You Ll Ever Meet Loyal To The Three Star Pa Gang, Which His Father Runs In Seoul, Korea Loyal To His Best Friends, Who Accompany Him Everywhere He Goes Loyal To His Ever Escalating Public Bullying Of Ha Na, A Girl At School And, Finally, Loyal To The Memory Of His Mother, Even Though There Are Some Things About Her That He Tries To Forget He Loves His Friends, His City, And The Power He Wields But When He Catches His Father In A Lie, The Truth Is Exposed, And His Life Begins To Unravel And Rocky Has No Idea Where It S Going To Lead.

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    Check out reviews Perspective of a WriterThe BuzzTotally from that cover Isn t it gorgeous I could tell this was a gangster type of book just from the way this character was drawn and they aren t my favorite TBH And I guess Sonia Patel novels always have a cover from this artist It s a neat way to brand yourself as an author I haven t read her before though I know she s an indie favorite So it was totally a matter of gorgeous cover and perfect title catching my eye Because it s set in Seoul And I just couldn t pass up a chance to read about my favorite culture The PremiseRocky is a real bully Like a REAL bully Not a girl hater who likes to push around the unfashionable nerd A person who makes another person eat a cigarette butt Yes, THAT kind of bully It was hard to read but such a realistic portrayal that it s very relatable to those who have been bullied It s pretty horrible and actually if you ve been bullied at all Bloody Seoul may scar you even so read with care But I really loved the way Rocky came to understand that bullying may be a way to live but it s NOT the way HE wanted to live.it s hard His dad is a gang leader His two uncles who started the Three Star Pa gang are gone or dead His mother abandoned him Rocky has three friends who totally follow his lead Th...

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    I can t read this All of the sentences are short and choppy It s as jarring as being in the car with someone who doesn t know how to ease onto their breaks at all the stop signs I m getting motion sickness A sad DNF because I ve never read anything set in Korea before.

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    Bloody Seoul by Sonia PatelSonia Patel is an author whose books I will always read and not just because of the fantastic covers by Zeke Pe a Her work as an adolescent psychiatrist always imbues her work with a sense of reality that s sharp enough to cut, and this book, inspired by her love for Korean gangster films, is no different Rocky is loyal to the bone and outwardly tough to a fault Combating what I interpret as undiagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder and struggling to keep memories of his absent mother buried, Rocky is determined to be just like his mob boss father Through the lens of long walks through the streets of Seoul, boarding school mini gangs, and Pavarotti, we follow his struggle to find and extract himself from the cycle of violence And there s plenty of violence generally taking the form of extreme bullying in his story, but also moments of desperate sensitivity to his ...

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    ARC Another highly diverse book by Patel Set is Seoul, with Korean and Korean Indian characters Mental health issues are skillfully shown bullying, suicide thoughts, cutting, OCD Hardcore issues in every culture, I think The story is written from Rocky s perspective, and the writing reflects his eccentric, abrupt thinking I felt like I was tot...

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    I don t know how to feel about this book On one hand, the writing was really good and the story of the main character and his relationship with his parents is very interesting But on the other hand, the whol...

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    Unfortunately I was not really a fan. Full review

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