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Lab Rats download Lab Rats , read online Lab Rats , kindle ebook Lab Rats , Lab Rats 622a7ba7dc15 Reading Lab Rats By Dan Lyons Personality Tests Team Building Exercises Forced Fun Desktop Surveillance Open Plan Offices Acronyms Diminishing Job Security Hot Desking Pointless Perks Hackathons.If Any Of The Above Sound Familiar, Welcome To The Modern Economy In This Hilarious, But Deadly Serious Book, Bestselling Author Dan Lyons Looks At How The World Of Work Has Slowly Morphed From One Of Unions And Steady Career Progression To A Dystopia Made Of Bean Bags And Unpaid Internships And That S The Good JobsWith The Same Wit That Made Disrupted An International Bestseller, Lyons Shows How The Hypocrisy Of Silicon Valley Has Now Been Exported Globally To A Job Near You Even Low Grade Employees Are Now Expected To View Their Jobs With A Cult Like Fervour, Despite Diminishing Prospects Of Promotion From The Gig Economy To The New Digital Oligarchs, Lyons Deliciously Roasts The New Work Climate, While Asking What Can Be Done To Recoup Some Sanity And Dignity For The Expanding Class Of Middle Class Serfs.