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  • The Marquis and the Vixen (The Blue Rose Romances: The Culpepper Misses #2)
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  • 13 February 2018

10 thoughts on “The Marquis and the Vixen (The Blue Rose Romances: The Culpepper Misses #2)

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    There is something so s pecial about a book that allows you to see the deeper side of the characters This was the case with Blythe Not only could we see what Blythe was thinking and feeling, we could see what was going on in Tristan s head and heart as well That coupled with the laughter that kept cropping up as I read, made me absolutely adore this book The story was really quite unique and I loved all the side characters and I can t wait to read their stories too Cameron has brought so many fun parts about Historical romance to li...

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    The Culpepper Family fun and mayhem continues This book starts exactly where the first left off Blythe and her family enter the glitzy haute ton, and she does not care for all the restrictions, false praise and posturing She loves country, fresh air and freedom but for her family she will endure one season Blythe is unfortunately a bit naive where men are concerned, and she falls for lies of another man but is able to come out of it unscathed I liked the moment when she realized there was to Tristan than a brooding taciturn man she met in the country So with no effort at all they become fast friends and develop fondness for each other Tristan is a man haunted by nightmares of his youth He may have a title and all the comforts his wealth can afford to buy but he has no peace And on top of that he has met the most outspoken woman in creation Miss Blythe Culpepper She is opinionated, independent and th...

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    Loved this one, too..Another great romance from Collette Cameron I just loved all the B s Blythe, Brooke, Brette, Blaire and Blaike And I loved the other players Tristan, Raven, Whitehouse, Maddox, Francine and Hawk I despised Burlington, Rosemary Sanford and Phillips, who got exactly what he deserved, but it would have been better if he d died.What little was told about why Tristan could be so cold and unfeeling was pretty awful, it just showed what a truly horrible his father was BUT as he drew closer to Blythe the his walls came down This really was a very good love story but also a story showing just how depraved men could be way back then and how the ton were never held accountable for their wicked deeds.There was no...

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    3 very average starsThis book was pleasant but deeply forgettable.

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    The first sentence of SCHEMES GONE AMISS made me giggle, and from then on I was completely under Collette Cameron s spell Blythe Culpepper has never felt so awkward since she s come to London for the Season she s not looking for a husband, and she d much rather go back to the family farm where she hails from She s a straightforward young woman, and her ways do not endear her to the Ton To make matters worse, the person chosen to oversee her d but is Tristan, Lord Leventhorpe Their previous encounters have been prickly, and they ve exchange unkind words However, Tristan is rather taken by Blythe s fire and outspokenness she s a much welcome change They eventually manage to become friendlier, but Blythe wishes it were But when ambitious and unscrupulous acquaintances conspire against both Blythe and Tristan, they come to each other s rescue.SCHEMES GONE AMISS is an extremely solid and compelling story, and there is one particular plot twist that literally had me shivering Ms Cameron meticulous attention to historical detail enriches the story while never being a hindrance to the flow of the narrative, her vocabulary dazzles, especially when it comes to the choice insults Blythe and Tristan e...

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    Flimflam and goose butt feathers What an absolutely unforgettable novel This is regency romance at its finest The setting comes to life under Cameron s talented pen She weaves a world steeped in the past, taking readers back in time to experience the lives of her characters for a short while The plot was intriguing and realistic The romance was very real, yet not very easy for the characters The Misses Culpepper are most definitely my favourite romance heroines of all times Blythe is priceless from the get go I love her reactions to things I enjoyed getting to know the many sides of Tristan s character There was just so much to love, without him being too perfect Surrounded by their friends and family, this was the perfect cast to get lost with Collette Cameron makes romance fun I laughed from the beginning to the end of this novel, all the while falling in love with these remarkable characters This is one of those novels that leaves you smil...

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    I waited patiently for book two of the Misses Culpepper I eagerly devoured this book from start to finish and I greedily want Collette s uncanny ability to draw the reader in never fails and I always enjoy reading her work She writes about women who are strong, but yet have a naivete that surrounds them The Culpepper s are such women This book focuses on Blythe I need to mention that all the women in the family have names that start with the letter B, to the chagrin of the men in their lives This story takes place in London around the 1820s Of course when reading about romance stories set around this time, it is best to keep in mind that the Beau Monde is considered its own character The gossips and wagging tongues are always there and many times, the characters decisions are based on this aspect.Since Brook s husband has become Blythe s legal guardian, she finds herself constantly in the presence of Society Balls and outings are a bit too much for a woman who is used to poverty and living in the country It s a stark contrast and Blythe finds Society s standards too demanding However, she does it for her sister Brooke and for her future prospects and well being The one thing that aggravates her is Tristan, Lord Leventhorpe Of course, their mutual dislike and hidden attraction makes for the main entertainment It wouldn t be a Collette Cameron story without intrigue, a nasty harridan, and a villain She provides all of that and The inner monologues of her charact...

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    2 in the intriguing Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper , but can be read as a stand alone Fast paced tale during the Regency England era, with schemes, and romance Well written with engaging and interesting characters Readers will find themselves engrossed in the opinionated, confident Miss Blythe Culpepper Schemers find themselves in cohorts with each other, but will their schemes be flaunted by our dashing hero, Lord Leventhorpe Although, our H H find themselves hostile to each other, they also find their bodies are very much attracted to each other, but can lust find a HEA between these two very different characters Will trying to flaunt a scheme, compromise, and disgrace Blythe or will she be saved by an unexpected hero You MUST pick up and read this fascinating, complicated, engrossing, passionate, very entertaining and most enjoyable read An engrossing story from the first page to the last page and long after ...

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    Ms Cameron requests us to note down our thoughts on public media after reading her books, so here are my honest thoughts For me, she needs to simplify her writing I know many readers have given 4 and 5 star ratings for all her books and must love her extremely descriptive, flowery style I don t I found it annoying to plow through the paragraphs so overladen with superfluous words, it was almost painful to read There was a good story buried there it s a pity I couldn t dig it out I really wanted to, as I hate giving negative reviews It s not that the actual writing is bad it s excellent it s the flow of the writing, the readability of the story that I have major issues with.Ditch the dictionary and thesaurus and KISS keep it simple stupid I like to use my imagination when reading, not have all the blanks fille...

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    Sparks flew when Blythe Culpepper first met Tristan, Marquis of Leventhorpe in Book 1 of the Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper Blythe has a lively temper and the red headed Tristan loves to goad her, but in London, both find attributes to admire in each other and their feelings begin to deepen However, due to past humiliation Tristan keeps Blythe at arms length until a blackguard assaults her virtue and he comes to her rescue The language in this book is not as coarse as in the first, though passages such as, Next thing she knew, the perky pair would scramble from her bodice s lace edge and wave a jaunty hello do seem rather out of place.I received a complimentary copy ...

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The Marquis and the Vixen (The Blue Rose Romances: The Culpepper Misses #2) characters The Marquis and the Vixen (The Blue Rose Romances: The Culpepper Misses #2) , audiobook The Marquis and the Vixen (The Blue Rose Romances: The Culpepper Misses #2) , files book The Marquis and the Vixen (The Blue Rose Romances: The Culpepper Misses #2) , today The Marquis and the Vixen (The Blue Rose Romances: The Culpepper Misses #2) , The Marquis and the Vixen (The Blue Rose Romances: The Culpepper Misses #2) d51c1 Alternate Cover Edition B01A0E42HW Formerly Titled Blythe Schemes Gone AmissA Tormented Marquis A Vivacious Vixen A Deadly Foe.Dragged To London For A Season, Blythe Culpepper Is Dismayed To Learn Her Guardian Has Enlisted The Devilishly Attractive Lord Leventhorpe The One Man She Detests To Assist With Her Launch Into Polite Society Since Their First Encounter, Hostile Looks And Cutting Retorts Abound Whenever They Meet Still, She Cannot Deny The Way Her Body Reacts When He S Near So, Perhaps It S No Surprise That Upon Overhearing Another Woman Scheming To Entrap Tristan Into Marriage, Blythe Must Warn Him.Tristan, The Austere And Controlled Marquis Of Leventhorpe, Usually Avoids Social Gatherings So Why, Against His Better Judgement, Does He Agree To Aid His Closest Friend In Presenting The Culpeppers To Society Might It Be Because One Particular Fascinating Culpepper Stirs Than His Interest Blythe Taxes Him To His Limits With Her Sharp Wit And Even Sharper Tongue Yet, He Cannot Deny The Beauty Captivates Him Like No Other.However, When A Past Enemy Comes Calling, Using Blythe To Settle Old Scores, Tristan Must Decide If Restoring His Family S Tarnished Honor Something He S Worked Toward For Years Is Important Than Winning The Heart Of The Woman He S Come To Love.Buy The Second Book In The Blue Rose Regency Romances The Culpepper Misses Historical Series For A Romping, Emotional, And Romantic Adventure You Won T Want To Put Down.Though This Book Is Part Of A Series, It Can Easily Be Read As A Stand Alone.

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