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Glynis Has Your Number files Glynis Has Your Number , read online Glynis Has Your Number , free Glynis Has Your Number , free Glynis Has Your Number , Glynis Has Your Number 0e594ca53 An Accessible Guide To Everything The Simple Art Of Numerology Can Reveal About Your Friends, Loved Ones, Colleagues, And Especially Yourself Glynis McCants Has Gained A Huge Following With Her On Target Celebrity Predictions Now She S Set To Help Readers Lead The Life They Want With Her Simple Numerology System Using An Ancient But Surprisingly Easy System Of Numbers, Glynis Will Show Readers How To Recognize Their Strengths, Break Harmful Patterns, And Change Their Lives For The Better.In Glynis Has Your Number, Glynis Shows Us How To Find The Unique Set Of Numbers That Vibrate Within Each Of Us, And How These Numbers Affect Every Aspect Of Our Lives Glynis Gives Readers All The Tools They Need To Test Their Compatibility With Loved Ones, Better Navigate The Waters At Work, And Find Success By Choosing Pursuits That Are In Sync With Their Numbers.

10 thoughts on “Glynis Has Your Number

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    I have foundinsights regarding my family, friends, and others in this book This woman does not speak mumbo jumbo I used to think that numerology was crap, but my opinion has changed This book is wonderful It s like a reference manual that I put in all ...

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    I like to read numerology books ever so often so when I seen this book about a hundred times I decided to give it a shot She has a real upbeat personality and it shows throughout the work I ended up going through the ...

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    Everything has a vibrational energy including letters and numbers So, the name and your birth date will reveal your personality, your weakness, your strengths, what hurdles you need to over come to achieve happiness and how to im...

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    I think you can find truth in all things not necessarily whole truth, but at least some I think the idea of understanding yourself through the numbers that permeate, categorize, and shape your life is fascin...

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    Fantastic book I met Glynis in 2005 at the Women s show in Portland Numerology, the science of devining information about life through numbers, has been around for 2,500 years developed by Pythagoras, a greek mathematician born in the 6th century b.c.e It really seems to be on Ever hear get a vibe f...

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    I love numerology, it amazes me how often the vibrations of the numbers fit the person Sometimes the energy is so strong I can guess people s birthday The book Glynis Has Your Number is the best starter book fo...

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    Entertaining Glynis makes numerology fun, simple, inspiring and so accurate I amaze friends by reading their numbers and it makes for a good conversation topic with girlfriends to quirk up the party Delightful read

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    This was an interesting book, but not riveting in the way I had hoped I had picked it up thinking that I d read it and then be hooked on numerology, but I wasn t It s worth the read, but not life changing.

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    Excellent I absolutely loved it I really enjoyed going though the numbers of past relationship s I look forward to reviewingpeople in my life Its not just the people in and out of my life It covers everything about living the best life possible

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    Not for me Nope My husband has the SAME life path number as me Excuse Me That s when I put the book down and sent it right back to the public library I love the library the money I ve saved

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