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The First Men Who Went to the Moon chapter 1 The First Men Who Went to the Moon , meaning The First Men Who Went to the Moon , genre The First Men Who Went to the Moon , book cover The First Men Who Went to the Moon , flies The First Men Who Went to the Moon , The First Men Who Went to the Moon 2fff062817a51 In 1961, President John F Kennedy Issued A Challenge To The Nation Land Astronauts On The Moon By The End Of The Decade The Apollo Program Was Designed By NASA To Meet That Challenge, And On July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 Lifted Off From Kennedy Space Center Carrying Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, And Edwin Aldrin Apollo 11 S Prime Mission Objective Perform A Manned Lunar Landing And Return Four Days After Take Off, The Lunar Module Eagle, Carrying Armstrong And Aldrin, Separated From The Command Module Columbia, And Descended To The Moon Armstrong Reported Back To Houston S Command Center, The Eagle Has Landed America And The World Watched In Wonder And Awe As A New Chapter In Space Exploration Opened Through Verse And Informational Text, Author Rhonda Gowler Greene Celebrates Apollo 11 S Historic Moon Landing.

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    Members of my generation will surely remember staying up late or being awoken by their parents as I was to watch on our televisions the lunar landing and subsequent walk on the moon back on July 20, 1969 Launched on July 16, the craft traveled to the moon where the Eagle separated from the Columbia, which continued to orbit the moon at the hands of Michael Collins, and history was made as two men Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, walked on the moon, leaving footprints that are still there Complemented with full color, full page illustrations, the text has a poetic feel to it as this amazing true story unfolds in cumulative tale style I m sure at some point space travel will seem old...

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    This non fiction picture book has some rhyming and is filled with interesting and factual information for young learners about the Apollo 11 lunar mission in July, 1969 There is a sidebar with facts about the subject on each page.Back matter includes an update about the Eagle and Columbia, More About the Mission and the Moon, Sources, and Books for Young Readers.The illustrations are excellent a...

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    Following the house that jack built pattern, this book encapsulates the Apollo 11 mission in simple prose with SPACEFACTS inserted throughout

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    This book s rhyming text is clunky and inconsistent, but it features appealing art and plenty of space facts and context to help young readers understand the moon landing.

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    Beautiful pictures and rhyming lyrics tell a very simple story of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

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    This book was a little advanced for my toddlers but my school aged nephews found it interesting and educational They had lots of questions which is great because it lead to awesome discussion.

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    I really thought the House that Jack Built rhyme scheme was gonna bug me but it didn t after a page or two I like the blend of simple story with added facts Really nice introductory book.

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