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The Gendered Brain pdf The Gendered Brain , ebook The Gendered Brain , epub The Gendered Brain , doc The Gendered Brain , e-pub The Gendered Brain , The Gendered Brain 00e93b0a22a Do You Have A Female Brain Or A Male Brain Or Is That The Wrong Question Reading Maps Or Reading Emotions Barbie Or Lego We Live In A Gendered World Where We Are Bombarded With Messages About Sex And Gender On A Daily Basis We Face Deeply Ingrained Beliefs That Your Sex Determines Your Skills And Preferences, From Toys And Colours To Career Choice And Salaries But What Does This Constant Gendering Mean For Our Thoughts, Decisions And Behaviour And What Does It Mean For Our Brains Drawing On Her Life S Work As A Professor Of Cognitive Neuroimaging, Gina Rippon Unpacks The Stereotypes That Bombard Us From Our Earliest Moments And Shows How These Messages Mould Our Ideas Of Ourselves And Even Shape Our Brains Taking Us Back Through Centuries Of Sexism,The Gendered Brain Reveals How Science Has Been Misinterpreted Or Misused To Ask The Wrong Questions Instead Of Challenging The Status Quo, We Are Still Working Back From Outdated Stereotypes And Assumptions However, By Exploring New, Cutting Edge Neuroscience, Rippon Urges Us To Move Beyond A Binary View Of Our Brains And Instead To See These Complex Organs As Highly Individualised, Profoundly Adaptable And Full Of Unbounded Potential.Rigorous, Timely And Liberating, The Gendered Brain Has Huge Repercussions For Women And Men, For Parents And Children, And For How We Identify Ourselves.

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