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Murder & The Heir (The Violet Carlyle Mysteries #1) explained Murder & The Heir (The Violet Carlyle Mysteries #1) , review Murder & The Heir (The Violet Carlyle Mysteries #1) , trailer Murder & The Heir (The Violet Carlyle Mysteries #1) , box office Murder & The Heir (The Violet Carlyle Mysteries #1) , analysis Murder & The Heir (The Violet Carlyle Mysteries #1) , Murder & The Heir (The Violet Carlyle Mysteries #1) 20e9 Christmas 1922 Violet Carlyle Along With A Slew Of Relatives Is Called To Spend The Holidays With Their Aunt, Agatha Davies The Intransigent Woman Has Spent The Majority Of Her Life Squirreling Away Money And Alienating Her Family It S Hardly The First Time Vi Has Spent The Holidays With Her Aunt She And Her Twin Intend To Do What They Always Do Enjoy Aunt Aggie S Luxuries While Ignoring The Histrionics Of The Family Trying To Worm Their Way Into The Will Only This Time, Aunt Aggie Claims Someone Is Trying To Kill Her But How Can That Be True Before Vi Can Find The Killer, Aunt Aggie Dies Since Agatha Never Named An Heir, Why Would Anyone Want To Kill Her To Her Shock, Vi Finds Herself Embroiled In A Murder Investigation Where She And Her Family Are The Suspects Just Who Murdered Aunt Agatha And Why Will They Be Able To Find The Killer Before Someone Else Dies Book ONE In The Violet Carlyle Mysteries Are You Ready For The Roaring Twenties For A Spunky Young Woman Determined To Craft Her Own Life If So, You Ll Love Vi, Her Indulgent Twin Vic, And Their Friends You Might Even Find Your Imagination Caught By Chief Inspector Jack Wakefield For Fans Of Carola Dunn, Jacqueline Winspear, Georgette Heyer, And Lee Strauss A Light, Cozy Mystery With A Fun Peek Into Life In The Life Of A Bright Young Thing No Swearing, Graphic Scenes, Or Cliffhangers The Violet Carlyle Mysteries Book 1 Murder The Heir Book 2 Kennington House Murder Book 3 Murder The Folly Book 4 A Merry Little Murder Coming November 2018 Book 5 Murder Among The Roses Coming December 2018 Book 6 Murder In The Shallows Coming January 2019

  • Kindle Edition
  • 172 pages
  • Murder & The Heir (The Violet Carlyle Mysteries #1)
  • Beth Byers
  • 12 June 2017

About the Author: Beth Byers

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Murder & The Heir (The Violet Carlyle Mysteries #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Beth Byers author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Murder & The Heir (The Violet Carlyle Mysteries #1)

  1. says:

    Didn t work for me Murderer was telegraphed a little too clearly at their introduction Main character a little too virtuous compared to everyone else Love interest off putting.Also some odd uses of language Never encountered her gaze widened before Occasionally tripping up on stuff li...

  2. says:

    Awful editing Unfortunately this novel was spoiled for me by appalling editing The story wasn t too bad but a bit rushed at the end.

  3. says:

    CozyLots of fun and a way of looking at how the other half lives Family disputes as well as memories of loss..

  4. says:

    I really enjoyed the story and the characters This was a very fast, enjoyable read However, the book needs major editing On several consecutive pages, whole paragraphs are out of order Throughout, words are missing, wrong words are used, etc.I would have given this a strong 4 stars,...

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    A cozy British mystery that caught my fancy than I would have expected Is it the independent Violet The Jazz flapper era 1920s The fun cast of supporting characters Just enough description of the clothes, decor, music, drinks, etc without getting bogged down I m not sure but despite th...

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    I read a great number of mysteries A great number of those are historically set mysteries Most of those are generally set during the regency, the late Victorian era, or the 1920 s This story could potentially be the start of one of my top favorite series of the content and writing style remain this good The characters are well drawn, very relatable people There was no unnecessary violence and not a hint of sexual behavior just for the sake selling a book I would strongly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys.I read a great number of mysteries A great number of those are hist...

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    Violet and her twin brother, Victor, are summoned two weeks earlier than usual for Christmas with their wealthy Aunt Agatha but they don t mind because they ve always loved her fiercely The rest of the family has been summoned as well, though, and that isn t nearly as agreeable a prospect Upon arrival, they discover that someone is trying to hurry Aunt Agatha into an early grave rather than waiting to inherit Since Agatha has never disclosed the contents of her will, nobody can be sure who might be setting up the accidents that have been occurring When both twins are suspected, Violet leads the charge to figure out what s going on and to try to save their beloved aunt from her fate.This series is great fun This first entry was a quality story with engaging characters, plus just enough suspense and a well w...

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    This mystery was the first in a series of 12 that I found to read in between some of the deep, thought provoking books I read I love reading something light, like this after a few heavy books This mystery is in the cozy mystery genre, I believe It s entertaining and fun, the characters are great and it s so delightful to read what they get themselves into next The stories all revolve around a set of twins who end up in places where crime occur and they end up trying to solve those crimes In this book someone was trying to kill their Aunt, who was like a mother to them after raising them when their mother died The killer was after the Aunt s large fortune, so all the immediate family were called to her home in an effort to draw out the would be murderer They meticulously went through each family member and their motives and tried to figure out who...

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    Really enjoyed this new series Violet is the daughter of an earl and a Bright Young Thing She is also twin to Victor and she and her brother live in rented rooms to escape their stepmothers marital finagling Their mother died when they were young and their great aunt took them under her wing so when Aunt Agatha requests their presence for an extend Christmas stay they invite some friends as buffer to the other relatives and head out On arrival, Aunt Agatha lets Violet know someone is trying to kill her and she is determined not to hide but to catch the villain Agatha has a large fortune and no one is exactly sure who is in the will Vic and Vi dont really care as they are well off and could easily get jobs or spouses, but other cousins arent so sanguine Yet it is Violet who brings poisoned sherry to her aunt This causes the other guests to reveal themselves as an investigator with the Yard Thing...

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    After two chapters I hated every single character and none of them seem to have a single redeeming character During the next few chapters Violet did improve a little and I had hopes she would be the independently minded woman who was prepared to push the boundaries of society Unfortunately Jack Wakefield turned up and her independence seemed to turn to lust, it wasn t looking too hopeful The story wasn t bad, although there was very little investigation and no explanation of who the culprit was able to carryout the mur...

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