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The Hive Queen (Wings of Fire, #12) quotes The Hive Queen (Wings of Fire, #12) , litcharts The Hive Queen (Wings of Fire, #12) , symbolism The Hive Queen (Wings of Fire, #12) , summary shmoop The Hive Queen (Wings of Fire, #12) , The Hive Queen (Wings of Fire, #12) 33efcb31 Growing Up In The Hives, Cricket Has Always Had A Million Questions Why Are Trees Forbidden, Even In Art Why Do Her Parents Seem To Hate Her And The Biggest, Most Dangerous And Secret Question Of All Why Is Cricket Immune To Queen Wasp S Powers Whenever The Queen Takes Control Of All The HiveWings, Speaking Through Their Mouths And Seeing Through Their Eyes, Cricket Has To Hide, Terrified Of Being Discovered Now She S Hiding Again, Wanted For Stealing The Book Of Clearsight Along With Her New SilkWing Friends, Blue And Swordtail, And The Fierce LeafWing, Sundew The Fugitives Need Answers, And Fast, In Order To Prevent A LeafWing Attack But Cricket Has Questions Than Ever How Can She Stay Hidden And Discover The Queen S Deadliest Secret And If She Does Succeed Can A Powerless Dragonet Really Do Anything To Topple A Regime And Stop A War

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    I NEED BOOK 13.But as for an actual review Reading from Cricket s perspective was amazing and, at times, so sad This series continues to blow me away with the relevance to kids, teens, and even adults lives Cricket informs us right off the bat that her parents can t stand her and that her mother left the family to go pursue her dreams So many people I know have dealt with similar issues, and it s sad and hard to see Cricket is still dealing with this, even though she s never liked her mother Cricket s character grows and learns throughout the book, though her questions never cease.I enjoyed seeing her bubbly attitude and realistic look at life take the radicals aback in how she simply laid out what would happen if the LeafWings went straight into war and attacked the HiveWings and burned the hives Death, and most of it innocent people.The first series arc started in the middle of a war with the Dragonets of Destiny dealing with the repercussions of a pointless war This series is now taking the side of what do you do after a genocide is it OK for retaliation or do things need to be left What should be done The characters, Cricket especially, struggle with t...

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    Cricket is my favorite character of this arc of the Wings of Fire series, so I m so happy we got to follow her in this book and that we received a lot of answers to the questions I had These are some awesome types of dragons, and I m glad the out of control animus powers have been reigned in at this point That would have been very messy in this series Sundew was hilarious as usual Swordtail played his Sokka like role really well Blue was less frustrating to read about thankfully, and other than ...

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    I don t typically read books in two days, but with this book this series in general I can t put it down I really enjoyed Cricket s perspective on the story Though I believe it wasn t as good as the tenth book and some of the other books in the series it still deserves five stars.

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    Review 2018The Hive Queen was very slow in the beginning, however near the middle it started picking up pace Tui raises a lot of questions about war through Cricket s perspective Cricket has to deal with the fact that her tribe killed hundreds of LeafWings in the tree wars and also learn that it was many years ago and not to hold those against the HiveWings.There s a lot of answers at the end of the book, especially about the Queen s methods.There has been some hinting to Sundew s relati...

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    The Hive Queen was released early at my local bookstore, so I ve been able to read it a week in advance from the actual release date this isn t a review based on speculation or my opinion of previous books, but on The Hive Queen and The Hive Queen alone I m going to start this off by saying I didn t hate it It was tolerable However, as the twelfth book in a series, you d hope that it would be living up to its prequels, and it really isn t.The pacing is absolutely awful the plot changing event happens on literally two pages directly before the end of the book It feels like the author felt that every page had to have something happening on it, and the result is a crammed, rushed mess where unimportant side characters are described for the same length of time as major revelations view spoiler HiveWings and SilkWings are closely related and only split into two tribes a few generations ago , something that undermines the worldview of t...

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    I can t believe I caught up to the publication Just Darkstalker spinoff prequel and the graphic novel left

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    In The Hive Queen, Cricket and co must figure out a way to prevent war on the brainwashed HiveWings by uncovering the secrets of their menacing Queen Sutherland has continuously impressed me with her ability to tackle mature and messy topics This book has themes of tyranny, dictatorship, prejudice, handling privilege, repercussions of genocide, racism, and enslavement that parallel the real world She handles these issues in such a way delicate but meaningful way that is so refreshing for kids books Really, hats off to Tui for pulling this off so well.I ve been reading these books since I was little and it s been interesting to see the series mature along with its readership.This book is well written and makes you truly think about society and what you believe As ever, the characters are well fleshed out and grow like real people Sutherland still has it, and I m very excited to see what happens to all the dragons in the future P.S The foreshadowing at the end I CAN T WAIT...

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    see my last review on book 11

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    Reviewed by Grace, age 8, 3 16 19This book is from the Best Series in the Entire World It is about Cricket, a Hive Wing In the book before The Lost Continent , Cricket met Blue Blue was a Silk Wing At the end of The Lost Continent, Blue was in his metamorphosis He was born wingless, and at age 6 they go through that Now Blue s sister is gone and Cricket, Blue, Swordtail, and Sun Dew have stolen the Book of Clearsight The Leaf Wings wanted the book so they could declare war on the Hive Wings In return for stealing the Book of Clearsight, Sun Dew, Hemlock, and Belinda will show them the way to the Flamesilk cave Finally in this book they re trying to find out how the queen hypnotizes the Hive Wings They sorta kinda found out But that s also a spoiler so I won t go into detail Cricket found an egg that was orphaned It wasn t able to be hypnotized yet because it was an egg This is the silliest part when it hatched Cricket woke up and s...

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    I liked this book than the first in this series within the series as the main character Cricket was at least someone I could identify with than Blue, who at least in the beginning was so passive She s a scientist and a bookworm, but still too sweet and soft for me to identify with.However, Sundew is deeeeefinitely me...

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