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    Read reviews like this plus fascinating author interviews, exclusive guest posts and book extracts on my blog love historical fiction and the Tudor period is one of my favourite settings so I was immediately attracted to Forsaking All Other for this reason alone I also adore the cover However, I don t really do romance in historical novels, finding the romance often a little incongruous or on the sentimental side However, in this case I needn t have worried because Forsaking All Other is an interesting, well researched historical novel wrapped around a believable and touching love story.Bess Stoughton, widowed after only a few years of marriage to a man chosen by her father, is facing marriage to yet another man chosen by her father, this time someone she positively loathes However, with no money of her own, she is in the position of many women of that time, expected to agree to a marriage that will bring financial advantage, influence or status to her family Marriage had nothing to do with personal wishes it was for strengthening the family, making alliances, increasing wealth and power Torn between her role as dutiful daughter and her desire for a husband she can both love and respect, Bess decides to take her future in her own hands so far as she is able and find a husband for herself The household of Lady Allingbourne where Bess serves as waiting woman provides a convenient hunting ground and Bess soon finds herself the object of two men s admiration Both, in their different ways, offer something of what she is looking for but, when she makes her choice, the path of love does not run smooth.Bess makes a very engaging heroine She s spirited, intelligent and plucky but her independent spirit sometimes results in her putting herself in risky situations Luckily, in most cases, there is someone on hand to come to her aid Later, she will not be so fortunate I also have to mention Joyce, Bess s young sister, who is a great character in her own right wise beyond her years.The backdrop to Bess s story is the period of English history in which practising the Catholic faith was outlawed and Papist plots to overthrow Queen Elizabeth were feared and ruthlessly put down When Bess helps one of her fellow waiting women, she becomes involved in a game way dangerous than the game of love, unwittingly putting herself in mortal danger Bess finds out there are powerful and ruthless individuals who will stop at nothing to protect the realm or their family s interests.Will Bess find happiness and contentment in the end You ll have to read the book to find out I really enjoyed Forsaking All Other I found the historical detail fascinating the clothing, the food, the domestic routine of a Tudor household and the story line engaging and compelling This romance phobic found that element of the book not soppy at all but heart warming and believable I hope to see books by this author in future.I received a review copy courtesy of the author and Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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    book is excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed every page Anyone who follows my blog will know that I am a massive fan of historical fiction and the Tudor period so this book was definitely one for me The writing style for the story as perfect, it flowed so well and it took me back in time when I read it I felt as though as I was living at the same time as the characters The characterisation was spot on and the whole book was superb.No hesitation 5 stars from me for this one

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    Set in the Elizabethan end of the Tudor era, Forsaking All Other is an absorbing novel of historical fiction, examining the miniature of class and social conventions against a backdrop of Catholic reprisals While it is in part an historical romance, it also has themes of war and political insurgence.Bess Stoughton was a worthy heroine, brave and intelligent, railing against the control of her father and determined to at least have some say in her own future Already widowed and having lost a child, she was certainly no simpering young maid, but rather a strong and forthright woman who was wise to the ways of the world and woman s place within it It was a real meeting of minds between her and Edmund Wyard and the love story that evolved between these two credible characters warmed my heart Catherine Meyrick weaves the many issues of inequality that existed between men and women during this era into her story and highlights just how much a woman was at the mercy of her father and or her husband Men had the power to shape a woman s life for the better or the worse, and sadly, despite being ruled by a Queen, woman were regarded for the most part with suspicion and largely dismissed as having no ability to think for themselves To have a character such as Edmund at the helm of this novel was a refreshing balance to offer, as was Bess, a strong and capable woman who was unwilling to simply do her father s bidding.To the sinister thread running through this novel, that of the reprisals against Catholics, the sanctioned witch hunt that terrorised ordinary English people Fear and suspicion were justifiably ever present, and no one was immune to having doubt cast upon them I found myself quite angry at two people within this novel Edmund s mother, which should come as no surprise because she was a truly awful person, entirely evil But the other I struggled with, at first feeling great sympathy for her plight, but later cursing her selfish intentions, and this was Lucy She made Bess an accomplice to her plans and consequently put Bess in grave danger, a fact she had to be well aware of given the nature of her intentions She was not nearly as naive as she had intended people think her Both of these women each created their own brand of havoc for Bess and as the tension mounted throughout the latter part of the novel, so too did my own tension I couldn t stop reading I was completely captivated The author notes at the end of the novel indicate the amount of research that went into this novel in order to ensure authenticity and it really shows throughout the story There was a genuine feel of being true to the era and the circumstances throughout, giving Forsaking All Other an air of credibility that I appreciated enormously It really is an enjoyable novel and one that I highly recommend to fans of historical fiction set in the Tudor Elizabethan era.Thanks is extended to the author for providing me with a copy of Forsaking All Other for review.

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    I really enjoyed Forsaking All Other The story is believable Catherine Meyrick has skillfully recreated the everyday life of Tudor England you re there with the characters without feeling like you re told about it I don t read much Tudor historical fiction as I feel it often revolves around the same characters, mainly Henry VIII et al., so it was refreshing to read about nobodies The dialogues are well written, with a sense of the older English language without sounding forced.I really liked the character of Bess She is a smart woman with a lot of common sense I think that too often heroines can be too feisty to be believable, which means they end up in stupid situations, or on the other hand, quite shallow I felt for Bess right from the start Edmund Wyard was also a good character, in the vein of Mr Darcy the gruff guy who is good inside All the characters were well developed and even the biggest villain of the story had their own reasons for being nasty that one could understand.There is some romance in the story, but just like in real life, it is part of the story and doesn t just exist for the sake of it Trust me, I really am not a fan of romance, as you might have gathered from some of my previous reviews Here it s tasteful and has its place.I also really appreciated the historical note at the end of the novel that explained Meyrick s choices for Forsaking All Other, which is always a great addition to historical fiction.

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    Bess Stoughton had the misfortune to marry a man who didn t love her Now that she is a young widow, she is content to remain a lady in waiting to Lady Allingbourne, but her father has other plans When he arranges a second marriage for her, to a filthy and lecherous old man who will provide a good dowry, Bess balks at obedience and makes her escape Furious, her father grudgingly agrees to give her one year to make a better match.Edmund Wyard is a wealthy landowner and a soldier through and through The scars on his pockmarked face mirror the scars on his soul from the nightmarish experiences of his campaign in Ireland His mother, Lady Wyard, is determined to get him married to a young, biddable girl named Lucy Torrington, but Edmund wants a wife he can converse with a woman of equal mind.When Bess friend Philippa becomes betrothed and later married, Bess and Edmund are thrown into each other s company As Bess tries to facilitate the relationship between Edmund and Lucy, she discovers that Edmund s hard edges conceal a kind and gallant spirit Edmund, also, becomes increasingly intrigued by the thought of a woman who is sensible, virtuous, and attractive.But can marriage be based solely on romantic love Parental opposition, Bess lack of a fortune, a war on the continent, and the English terror of a Papist plot all conspire to come between the two, threatening to leave them both utterly forsaken of all they hold dear.This book was a delightful look at Tudor Elizabethan life not centered around the royal court Rather than highlighting one of Henry VIII s wives or Queen Elizabeth herself, it focuses on fictional characters against a historical background The theme of choice is explored many times in the book It is a world where men get to choose women don t But in a larger sense, it is a world where parents choose, and children s duty is to obey Is it even possible to leave father and mother and, forsaking all other, cleave only to one s true love The beautiful cover for this book is what initially caught my eye, but I enjoyed the historical language used in this book and befriended the characters immediately I recommend Forsaking All Other for anyone brave enough to step off the beaten path in the Tudor Elizabethan world of stories You won t regret it.

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    Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review A quote That means little with Edmund When he remembers he can be quite charming, but he does not remember often Loc 1488, quote from ARC Forsaking All Other is a carefully crafted and convincingly well researched historical romance novel, with two strong characters who slowly fall for each other.I really like a story where the couple moves from initial hostility to friendship, mutual admiration and attraction, and that s what happens with Edmund and Bess They are great characters a taciturn and brave hero with and unsightly face , who is a very kind and considerate man, and a strong and intelligent heroine.Catherine Meyrick tackles a wide range of issues I especially liked the take on the social and legal aspects of women s submission and arranged marriages against the religious and political backdrop of English and European 16th century history.I also appreciated the final Historical Note where the author writes about the story s historical setting and personages and reveals her sources.The writing style is rather descriptive, creating what seems to be an intended dispassionate tone even when dealing with emotions and feelings I liked it, even though sometimes it felt a bit flat.I m grateful to the author, BooksGoSocial and NetGalley for providing a free copy

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    A Woman s Lot A harrowing tale of love, duty and fear in the Elizabethan times of the 1580 s A time when fear of the Spanish and papists was rife in England, when wars were being fought to protect both England and the Protestant faith More than that though this is the story of the widowed Bess Staunton fighting for the right to decide her own future, and not that of her father s devising As a widow without a sinecure Bess is once a slave to her father s wishes For the time she has escaped him, serving as a waiting woman to Lady Allingbourne.When Bess becomes a friend to Edmund Wyard, whose mother is a vile cold hearted wretch with very decided plans for her son s future, the telling of the tale becomes even involved Bess is drawn into a web of deceit and fear.I was enthralled by Bess s story and raced across the pages as the intensity of her journey captured me.A NetGalley ARC

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    I truly enjoyed this love story and longed for its fruition the hallmark of a good romance Forsaking All Other is a novel with attention to detail in both historical accuracy and character I stayed up late several nights to find out what would happen to the two main characters and how they would escape the traps laid for them The setting of 16th century England, with all of its sights, smells, and sounds, including the terror of papist hysteria, was engrossing and well researched I found kind, intelligent, stout hearted Bess a relatable heroine for a modern reader but she still fit well into her world, and Edmund was an intriguing and unconventional hero There s something of Mr Darcy in his demeanor, but I thought he was warmer than that See the dance scene for another such parallel Lady Wyard is a formidable villainess whose depth of coldness is scary, and even the minor characters are well drawn, real people Catherine Meyrick is an author for fans of Tracy Chevalier and Philippa Gregory, who gives a voice and a believable glimpse into the lives of every day people in the 16th century.

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    I coudn t put down this first novel by Catherine Meyrick The characters were believable and I felt their joy and their pain I love the attention to historical detail and even the author s historical notes at the end of the book Looking forward to reading from this author.

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    The Coffee Pot Book Club Historical Romance Book Of The Year Award 2018 Gold Medal Winner.Love is no game for women the price is far too high.Bess Stoughton has always been a dutiful daughter She has never done anything to displease her father However, it has been two years since her husband died and now her father has decided it is time for Bess to wed again However, his choice in a husband for her is fatally flawed Bess would rather die than marry the old and predatory Master Litchfield So for the first time in her life, Bess defies her father and flees back to Lady Allingbourne, and once again takes up her duties as a lady in waiting Now all she has to do is find a husband that is as rich as Master Litchfield but with a few morals Once she has secured a husband, Bess is sure that her father will forgive her Edmund Wyard s life is one battle after another With England on the brink of war and the constant fear of Catholic plots, now is not the time to find himself a wife So his mother has decided to find one for him However, what his mother thinks would make him the perfect bride and what he thinks would make for a happy marriage are two very different things.Edmund wasn t prepared for the flutter in his heart and a yearning in his soul when he met Bess Bess is totally unsuitable his mother would never agree to the match, but try as he might, Edmund cannot find the will to keep away from her Edmund knows he must be careful and not lose his heart to her He must not fall in love He cannot.Forsaking All Other by Catherine Meyrick is a thought provoking tale of sacrifice, honour and love Rich in historical detail, Meyrick takes her reader on an intimate look at what life was like for women in the Tudor era Between the covers of this remarkable book, we learn how women had no control of their future They could only hope that their parents would be considerate to their feelings when they chose a husband for them Unfortunately for Bess, her father chooses unwisely Edmund finds himself in a similar situation as Bess His mother has found the perfect lady for him to marry Lucy comes with a substantial dowry However, Edmund can find no common ground between the two of them, and he fears their marriage would be an unhappy one He really wants to marry someone like Bess If only I really liked Edmund He is a wonderfully dynamic character as well as being a very honourable one He has flaws, but that made him all the likeable His mother s overbearing personality does not cow him, although there is an element of fear Lady Margaret Wyard is not a woman to be crossed The romance between Edmund and Bess is a sweet simmering build It is filled with tender moments and gentle touches I enjoyed reading about them and watching their relationship developThis story does not shy away from some of the undesirable topics of this time In Elizabethan England there was a growing fear of a Catholic rebellion, and although Queen Elizabeth was tolerant at the beginning of her reign to her Catholic subjects, in the latter half she was beginning to lose patience with them If you were caught practicing this religion, the ramifications were horrific Meyrick s portrayal of the historical Richard Topcliffe was very harrowing Topcliffe was determined to eradicate Catholicism from England, and he often used torture and rape to secure a confession The fear of Topcliffe and his agents are evident throughout this story.Forsaking All Other is a love story, so a happy ending was to be expected although at one point I did wonder how on earth Meyrick was going to pull this off as our brave and heroic protagonists battled to stay alive amidst war, treachery and lies.I think Meyrick has set a new standard of excellence Forsaking All Other is certainly the best historical romance book I have read in this era It is, without a doubt, a plot driven page turner of a book If you are looking for your next great historical romance, then consider picking up a copy of this book I Highly Recommend.Reviewed by Mary Anne YardeThe Coffee Pot Book Club.

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