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Sell It Like Serhant chapter 1 Sell It Like Serhant , meaning Sell It Like Serhant , genre Sell It Like Serhant , book cover Sell It Like Serhant , flies Sell It Like Serhant , Sell It Like Serhant dc34dc488fef1 NATIONAL BESTSELLERUSA Today BestsellerLos Angeles Times Bestseller Wall Street Journal BestsellerA Lively And Practical Guide To Sell Anything And Up Your Business Game From One Of The Top Realtors In The World And Costar Of Bravo S Million Dollar Listing New York And Sell It Like Serhant Ryan Is Not Only Charming And Hilarious, He Could Sell Milk To A Cow This Book Is Going To Be Very Helpful And Humorous To A Lot Of People Looking To Up Their Business Game Andy Cohen, Host Of Watch What Happens Live And New York Times Bestselling Author Of SuperficialRyan Serhant Was A Shy, Jobless Hand Model When He Entered The Real Estate Business In 2008 At A Time The Country Was On The Verge Of Economic Collapse Just Nine Years Later, He Has Emerged As One Of The Top Realtors In The World And An Authority On The Art Of Selling Whether You Are Selling A Brownstone Or A Hot Tub, Golf Balls Or Life Insurance, Serhant Shares The Secrets Behind How To Close Deals Than Anyone Else, Expand Your Business, And Keep Clients Coming Back To You Sell It Like Serhant Is A Smart, At Times Hilarious, And Always Essential Playbook To Build Confidence, Generate Results, And Sell Just About Anything You Ll Find Tips On The Seven Stages Of SellingGetting FKD How To Be A Time Manager, Not A Time Stealer.Negotiating Like A BOSS The One Who Everyone Needs A HookPulling The Indecisive Client ForwardAnd Much More This Book Is The Blueprint For How To Go From Sales Scrub To Sales Machine Serhant Provides Useful Lessons, Lively Stories, And Examples That Illustrate How Anyone Can Employ His Principles To Increase Profits And Achieve Success Your Measure Of A Good Day Will No Longer Depend On One Deal Or One Client A Good Salesperson Never Closes A Deal And Wonders, What Now The Next Deal Is Already Happening Serhant Shares Practical Guidance On How To Juggle Multiple Deals At Once And Close All Of Them EVERY SINGLE TIME Whatever Your Business Or Expertise, Sell It Like Serhant Will Make Anyone A Master At Sales.Ready, Set, GO

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    Insightful book I didn t know that Ryan use to be this shy, fat, cowboy lol He was never a jock or a nerd, he didn t really know where he fit in He started out doing leasing and then he got onto the show Million Dollar Listing New York and started selling million dollar apartments He s actually really funny, goofy, creative, driven, persistent My Notes Never be doing just one deal, after your done showing your closing on a deal and then your making calls to another, don t just play with one you st s time like when you were a kid, organize the toys well and manage it Post on Kijiji Craiglist Know the neighborhoods and streets Say and believe your the best Take improv classes Stage 1 excitement, 2 frustration, 3 fear, 4 disappointment, 5 acceptance, 6 happy, 7 relief Always have solution to problems in advance of explaining bad news to client Nigh...

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    I received this book as an advanced reader s copy due to the business real estate books are now becoming popular at our library I remember Ryan Serhant from Million Dollar Listing and his sales style being so straight forward, direct and determined and he will not stop and will not take no for an answer This book not only describe...

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    don t know why i picked book about selling but i liked it absolutely.

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    Lots of great information here I listened to it, and Ryan s narration is engaging and exciting Starting a second listen to fully absorb all that he put out.

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    I have a small photography business and a small blogging business This book motivated me to stop just sitting pretty and hope people will notice my work if I keep showing it, but also to be creative and get balls in the air The number of time he used the word balls made me like him ...

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    Quick, happy book on sales technique A satisfying read that offers a fresh approach to sales and business success This is an upbeat, helpful book from an upbeat, helpful salesman.

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    I don t particularly like self help books, and I m not a salesperson, but Ryan is one of my favorite reality TV personalities, so I had to read this.I was surprised to find some hints and tips that are legitimately helpful no matter what you do in your life simple things like don t put off what you could do now instead of stopping when you hit a wall, find a way over it and star...

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    I d heard a bit about this book prior to its release, and then I attended the Rakuten Optimism conference a few weeks ago in San Francisco thank you Nick Stamos and Ken Cassar where Ryan Serhant showed up to discuss his book in a session on libraries, authors and reading promoting Rakuten s Kobo Kindle like service.There are so few excellent books out there that share the secrets of successful selling my previous favorite was The Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer Both books are based on the truth that no one likes to be sold to, but people like to buy stuff Serhant says everyone likes to shop with friends Serhant shares a lot in this book, and it is a great one.Another core element of this book is working harder than anyone else is a cornerstone to success in sales or anything else The important of following up, following through and following back The critical importance of putting yourself out there, meeting people, engaging with people, developing authentic relationships, and what you re selling is important, but your success if based on the depth of your relationships Serhant was a timid, shy kid so all of these things are learnable.The fact that th...

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    Great book if you are starting out in sales or been at it for a while there is a take away for everyone I chose to do audible as I m often on the go and can listen between appointments Was a great audible experience Love That Ryan chose to narrate the book himself Felt that it lended to the authenticity and made the writing come to life It is a light read with tidbits throughout that should be revisited often Sales is an up down business Roller Coster Real Estate is the phrase I use most often However, it is a lot of fun to journey with all these folks as they realize dreams and begin and end chapters of their lives Found Ryan s writing to be direct and the easy storytelling style lends itself to many AhHa moments Much of what he writes is, or should be, common sense to anyone who has been in sales for than a nanosecond however he is able to DEMONSTRATE how doing the simple leads to the greatest achievements of you show up. every time Thanks for the reminder Ryan great ...

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    First off, I want to say that I had never seen million dollar listing or heard of Ryan Serhant before I bought this book I have since seen his show Having the full experience I can say that this book is a how to of Ryan Serhant selling The unique aspects of different fields that he combines together in real estate makes his style one of kind Side note, I think it is a great idea to do improv to practice for sales calls or any sort of potential customer interaction He backs up his word with a solid reputation and for that I found this book to be valuable Too often I read non fiction books by gung ho authors who have been gluten free for a week and want the world to know they found the s...

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