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A Course in Real Feng Shui txt A Course in Real Feng Shui, text ebook A Course in Real Feng Shui, adobe reader A Course in Real Feng Shui, chapter 2 A Course in Real Feng Shui, A Course in Real Feng Shui d1a7e2 Award Winner In The Eastern Philosophy Category Of The Soul Bridge Body Mind Spirit Book Awards Of Europe January , Book Description Proper Balance In Life And In Business Can Leave People Inspired, Engaged, And Ready To Take Action And For Real Estate Professionals, Home Buyers, Designers, Or Just Personal Home Life, The Way You Stage And Design A Home Or Your Business Can Keep You Or Your Clients Energized, Focused, And In Tune With Goals Both Today And In The Future A Course In Real Feng Shuiis A Book Focused On The Holistic Nature Of How Feng Shui Impacts Our Lives And The Spaces Surrounding Them A Wonderful Look Into An Artform Employed For Thousands Of Years, The Hidden Secrets Within These Pages Will Help Fortify Your Personal Accomplishments And Overall Business Success Written By Renowned Consultant, Teacher, And Author Althea ST You Ll Learn All About The Influence Of Feng Shui As It Pertains To Landscape, Surroundings, And Properties From Finding Out Why Some Locations Stay Inactive Or Become Negative Spaces, To Choosing Locations And Layouts That Empower And Guide You Along, You Ll Gradually Learn How To Evaluate, Design, Redesign And Improve Any Property This Comprehensive Feng Shui Book Will Also Teach You What Comes With A Property And Why Its Shape And Direction Matter Real, Applicable Practices Behind Feng Shui How To Employ Maps, A Compass, Layouts, Locations, And Directions Advanced Teachings To Change Energy And Perspective And So Much Inside A Course In Real Feng Shui , You Ll Also Find Jam Packed Appendices And Than Illustrations And Tables For You To Study And Compare Along With A DS Calendar, Complete Chapter On Annual Assessment, And The Difference Between Good And Bad Locations In Detail Get This Book Today And Rejuvenate Your Current Living Or Work Spaces, Homes Or Properties, And Other Locales Where You Need To Set The Right Tone, Comfort, And Style

About the Author: Althea S.T.

Althea is an expert in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology.She assists people and businesses as a coach and personal tutor, helping them with investments, best timings, business strategies and .She is also a very inspirational author with a passion for sharing her love for the disciplines she specialized in Althea has many published books, magazines and other materials, related to the important

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