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Welcome to Nowhere download Welcome to Nowhere , read online Welcome to Nowhere , kindle ebook Welcome to Nowhere , Welcome to Nowhere 8f7af09be2dd Twelve Year Old Omar And His Brothers And Sister Were Born And Raised In The Beautiful And Bustling City Of Bosra, Syria Omar Doesn T Care About Politics All Her Wants Is To Grow Up To Become A Successful Businessman Who Will Take The World By Storm But When His Clever Older Brother, Musa, Gets Mixed Up With Some Young Political Activists, Everything Changes Before Long, Bombs Are Falling, People Are Dying, And Omar And His Family Have No Choice But To Flee Their Home With Only What They Can Carry But No Matter How Far They Run, The Shadow Of War Follows Them Until They Have No Choice But To Attempt The Dangerous Journey To Escape Their Homeland Altogether But Where Do You Go, When You Can T Go Home PRAISE FOR WELCOME TO NOWHERE Humane And Empathetic Not Only Eye Opening, Important And Topica, But A Vivid, Emotionally Involving, Nail Biting Read Effective Call To Action Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times Children S Book Of The Week A Muscular, Moving, Thought Provoking Book From An Award Winning Writer Guardian Not Only Does It Explain How The War In Syria Began In As Clear A Way As I Have Ever Heard But Elizabeth Laird Makes Her Characters Lovable, Loathable And Believable They Are Children Of War But Not Defined By It Fascinating And Sing S With Truth Alex O Connell, The Times Children S Book Of The Week This Powerful, Dramatic Story, Poignantly Illustrates How War Afffects Ordinary People Bookseller