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Moon Daughter (Nephilim Quest Book 2) chapter 1 Moon Daughter (Nephilim Quest Book 2) , meaning Moon Daughter (Nephilim Quest Book 2) , genre Moon Daughter (Nephilim Quest Book 2) , book cover Moon Daughter (Nephilim Quest Book 2) , flies Moon Daughter (Nephilim Quest Book 2) , Moon Daughter (Nephilim Quest Book 2) dcfe8d11a2139 Having Accidentally Fallen Years Back In Time To Ancient Egypt Merit Tries To Find A Way To Return To The Future And Stumbles On One Of Human Kind S Oldest Mysteries But Deadly Enemies Are Willing To Do Anything To Find It First Dana And Her Time Walker Team Are After The Same Secret To Find The Abode Of The Watchers, The Forefathers Of The Winged Nephilim They Barely Escaped The Shadow Attack On The Time Walker Centre And Are Now In Ancient Egypt, But Their Connection To The Future Is Lost With No Knowledge What Has Happened To Their Loved Ones They Decide To Continue Their Search What They Do Not Know Is That They Have Been Followed From The Future By Their Worst Enemy No Longer Faithful To His Old Masters He Is Determined To Catch Dana For His Own Purposes Merit S Daughter Shuet Stays In The Shadows And Grows Into Her Hidden Powers In The Safety Of The Royal Court Of The Pharaoh Amenhotep III And His Great Royal Wife Tiye Shuet S Own Life Is Threatened By An Old Enemy From Her Childhood, Who Patiently Weaves His Web Around Her As The Timelines Weave Into Each Other, Will Merit Find A Way Back To The Future Can Shuet Be Saved From Her Old Enemy Will Dana Escape The Mightiest Hunter Of The Dark Nephilim Will She Ever See Daniel Again Moon Daughter Is The Second Book In Leena Maria S Fantasy Series That Weaves Time Travel And Ancient Human Mythology Together If You Love Ancient Egypt, The Legends Of The Nephilim, Vampires And Dark Shadows Around Us, You Ll Love The Latest Book In The Nephilim Quest Series Buy The Moon Daughter To Continue Your Discovery Of The Hidden Secrets Of Ancient Egypt And The Descendants Of Angels And Humans, The Nephilim

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    Wow I m absolutely blown away with this story.Moon Daughter is the second installment of the Nephilim Quest series by Leena Maria, and it is a fantastic piece of literature The storyline is fantastic, offering a in depth knowledge of the exciting and diverse characters I was particularly enthralled by Ambrogio, an ancient vampire with a mysterious past and unknown motives.Whilst the story and characters are exciting and original, it s the historic detail that stands out as particularly astounding Set in ancient Egypt, Leena has written such accurate descriptions, from buildings to scenery to clothing and even smells As I was reading, it felt like I was really there, experiencing ancient Egypt.Moon Daughter was such a pleasure to read A treat for all the senses I could tell from every page that Leena put a lot of work into writing this The best stories are the ones that the author truly loves to write, who cares about every word Moon Daughter is definitely one of the best.

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    A little disappointingIt was a good story with strong characters but, the story bounced around too much and mostly slow moving Just as the story got good and was finally getting somewhere it abruptly and leaving you hanging I ll have to say it than a little ticked me off I can understand wanting to make money but that was to blatant I don t think I will start another series of books by this author.

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    When are we getting book 3I loved both if the first books Great characters and the historical side is interesting Disappointed that there s no indication at the end of the book as to when we can expect the next one.

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    4.5 Stars Was really great and with a really intricate storyline, multiple time periods and povs Even better than the first one However, a bit slow sometimes and still not a big fan of Dana.

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