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    I was introduced to this book, as likely many West Coast Canadians were, as a high school reader It is an excellent little anthology, and this book in combination with an excellent teacher, opened my eyes to the possi...

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    Interesting stories though probably would have enjoyed were I in the target audience teenage years.

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    This book is a real mixed bag Its divided into sections, each with their own theme I thought that was a nice touch and I found it offered a wide variety of stories Unfortunately some stories were much better than others Overall I found most of the authors to this anthology were decent with a few real stinkers and a few obvious talents I loved the introduction I felt it did a wonderful job pumping me up for the book And I found the last section of the anthology to be one of the strongest If you do decide to read Strawberries and Other Secrets, do yourself a favour and skip John Sladek s 1937 A.D entirely It was absolutely horrendous Pigs Is Pigs by Ellis Parker Butler wasn t much better Some of the stories such as Charity Ward by Don Tracy and Contents of a Dead Man s Pocket by Jack Finney were particularly excellent I was a bit taken aback by some of the racism with a few of the stories from the first section, and I think tha...

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    I really enjoyed reading this anthology as a young adult, and I can still remember some of the short stories to this day In fact, I want to grab a copy of the book right now and, by reading it, take myself back to a different time.

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    This was the anthology of stories we returned to most in the last few years of elementary school, and I read most the ones we didn t read in class on my own because I liked it so much Probably my all time favourite textbook, and one of the few I remember most of the class enjoying

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