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The Bloom Girls explained The Bloom Girls , review The Bloom Girls , trailer The Bloom Girls , box office The Bloom Girls , analysis The Bloom Girls , The Bloom Girls 0143 A Tender, Heartfelt Story Of Three Sisters, Their Late Father S Painful Past, And The Power Of Forgiveness When The News Of Their Father S Death Reaches Them, Sisters Cal, Violet, And Suzy Bloom Have To Set Aside Their Own Personal Crises, And Their Differences, To Gather In Maine Responsible Cal, The Oldest And Closest To Their Dad, Is Torn Between Taking Care Of Her Family And Meeting The Demands Of A High Pressure Law Career Impulsive Violet, The Estranged Middle Child, Is Regretting A Messy Breakup With A Man She S Just Now Realizing She Truly Loves And Suzy, The Sweet Youngest Daughter, Is Anguishing Over A Life Altering Decision.Arriving In Their Father S Small Coastal Town, The Bloom Sisters Can T Help But Revisit The Past, Confronting The Allegations Against Their Father That Shattered Their Family Nearly Twenty Years Earlier As They Try To Reconcile Different Versions Of Their Childhood And Search For Common Ground, They Re Forced To Look At Their Father S Life And Their Own Lives With New Eyes, Or Risk Losing All They Hold Dear.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 258 pages
  • The Bloom Girls
  • Emily Maine Cavanagh
  • English
  • 19 June 2018

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    The three bloom sisters father dies and all three of them are at cross roads in thier life so the book is just them dealing with thier father s death and making life changing decisions I liked the characters and the writing but I wish there was substance to the book Things could have developed subtly and I wouldn t mind having to read the book would have been fine longer I enjoyed it though and if you like stories about people figuring thier lives and feelings out this is a good book to check out.

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    I d like to thank Publishing and Goodreads Giveaways for a Kindle copy of Emily Cavanagh s The Bloom Girls Who designed that gorgeous cover for this book Obviously, someone who didn t read it Who wrote the description for this book Obviously, someone who didn t read it Needless to say, the storyline was not what I was prepared to be reading I felt like I was promised one thing and given another Yes, this is a story about three sisters named Cal, Violet, and Suzy, named after flowers by their mother Upon hearing of their divorced father s untimely death, they journey up to Maine from Boston to make plans for their father s wake and funeral I found all three of them to be extremely self absorbed and plainly inconvenienced by the interruption.The reader relives the Bloom sisters past turmoils in their individual lives, which are not pleasant sometimes shocking, depending on your moral compass, and watches as each one struggles with important decisions that will determine the rest of their futures and the future of their family.For a debut novel, I thought the storyline flowed quite well and was an easy read The plot was somewhat interesting and would probably appeal to young adults however, my issues with the book as a whole was with the way it was presented to the potential reader by the cover but especially by the description For this reason, I have to take away a star.

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    The Bloom GirlsEmily CavanaughNarrated by Emily Sutton SmithEmily Cavanaugh s The Bloom Girls is a poignant and realistic family drama about love loss and forgiving featuring three sisters with very different personalities Take it from the oldest of three sisters, this intuitive author does a bang up job with these girls from the drifting apart the petty disagreements to the protective loyalty and all the minutiae that goes on between siblings growing up and as adults The plot is powerful the dialogue conversational and every female reader with sisters will be able to place herself in one of these sets of shoes Each sister has her strengths and weaknesses although Violet has a few flaws that her sisters and readers will find themselves wanting to thrash her than commiserate with her I liked Susie the best but as the oldest myself I associate with Cal.Narration Emily Sutton Smith does a fabulous job as the narrator with a clear accurate recounting and an outstanding Boston accent, pus the emotions she expresses when portraying the sisters is spot on She also does a good job with the male voices.The three Bloom sisters haven t been close for a long time but when their father dies suddenly they re all forced together to deal with arrangements and to deal or not with each other Calla Lilly, Callie the oldest an attorney and overachiever the typical first borne who is married with two young daughters and the closest with her father is wondering how she s going to fit mourning and saying goodbye into her incredibly busy schedule.Middle child Violet has always been restless, always after greener pastures than what s in front of her has just broken up with the only man she s ever loved and has no idea if it s a bad decision or a good one.Youngest sister Suzie, a chef, like their father is trying to figure out just who she is when she learns there maybe a mini Susie to care for in nine months time That is if she decides to keep it.

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    Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with The Bloom Girls, this lovely debut novel by Emily Cavanagh.When the Bloom sisters, Suzy, Violet and Cal, were young and in school, their father was a caring teacher and swim coach Due to horrific accusations by some of his students, he was forced to resign The stress and embarrassment of being in the spotlight combined with an unspoken personal secret lead to the break up of his marriage The relationships with his daughters changed dramatically and became fractured as he tried to rebuild his life in a new place, always feeling the void of his beloved family.Years later, Suzy, the youngest, now in her late 20s was living with her own secret, Violet, the middle daughter was rejecting her loving, unconventional boyfriend, and Cal was feeling unsatisfied with her job and overwhelmed with family responsibilities After hearing the shocking news of their father s unexpected death, the girls are devastated and are faced with questions, unspoken words and regrets The Bloom sisters come together for his funeral where they learn about him through his community Mourning together provides the girls with time to understand his painful past, process how it impacted their young lives and to find forgiveness as they make decisions for the future.This was a heartfelt story of sisters, complexities in families, and how secrets can eat away at happiness and poison relationships I thoroughly enjoyed the journey of The Bloom Girls and look forward to Emily Cavanagh s next novel.

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    I would like to thank NetGalley, and Lake Union Publishing for the ARC of The Bloom Girls by Emily Maine Cavanagh for my honest review The genre of this novel is Women s Fiction I find that the author describes her characters as complex and conflicted. The novel revolves around the death of the father of the three Bloom daughters Each of the sisters, Cal, Suzy, and Violet, have their own individual emotional baggage, and are not really close Cal was the only sister who regularly kept contact with their father, after their parent s divorce The father had lost his job when there were some accusations against him, and he moved away To Violet and Suzy, his moving away from them caused much resentment In this story, the women are struggling with their individual issues, and their memories of their life with their father when he was alive They have feelings of guilt, anger, confusion and are mourning The author describes a dysfunctional family searching for answers of the past, current, and future This novel is about family,love,growth and hope I would recommend this novel for those that like Women s Fiction.

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    When Cat, Violet, and Suzy s dad dies, they must go to Maine and settle his affairs and plan a funeral All three sisters lead different lives and rarely see each other Also adding to the mix is lots of family secrets I really enjoyed this book and read it in an afternoon and evening since I couldn t put it down It is a great story of sisters, family, life, and love Thank you so much to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for providing me an ARC for an honest opinion.

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    Poignant and heartfelt, The Bloom Girls offers a complex accounting of secrets hidden inside a family Cavanagh weaves an unforgettable tale of three memorable sisters, and the truths they must uncover to find healing and forgiveness Highly recommended.

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    I enjoyed this tender hearted book very much When their father dies suddenly and unexpectedly, three sisters, Cal, Violet and Suzy, are each at a crossroads in their life Cal, the mother of two young daughters and a successful lawyer is struggling with balancing the demands on her life Violet is living on a friend s couch, having recently broken up with her boyfriend Suzy has just found out she s pregnant, undecided about her own future as well as that of the child she carries As the sisters gather in Maine for their father s funeral, they must each come to terms with their relationship with each other, as well as the guilt, regret and sorrow they feel about their father The characters in this book are each so clear their passions, their emotions, their insecurities, and their love are evident in their thoughts and actions The Bloom Sisters is a compelling look at a grieving family, and the relationships between three very different sisters I was very lucky to be approved by Net Galley to read this book.

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    A touching story about completed, real characters and the truths we avoid about ourselves and the people we love A beautifully written debut

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    I received this ARC from netgalley.com in exchange for a review The Bloom Sisters, it was their father s idea to name them for a different flower As adults, their dad suddenly dies and they are left to sort through the bits and pieces of family secrets and lies The story line sort of reminded me of a Seinfeld show without the humor , a show about nothing 2.5 rounded up to 3

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