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Scream at the Librarian files Scream at the Librarian, read online Scream at the Librarian, free Scream at the Librarian, free Scream at the Librarian, Scream at the Librarian 696793ef9 ABC ISSUE NO 3 A Limited Edition Trip Into A Public Servant S Nightmare, Published By The Booklyn Artists Alliance, 2007 After Five Years At The Central Library, I Seriously Doubted The Humanity Of My Peers Joel J RaneA Chapbook Version Of The Instant Cult Classic, Scream At The Librarian Sucks You Into The Flop House Grime Of Downtown Los Angeles At A Time When It Was Abandoned By All But The Terminally Desperate The Screamer, Mr Brain Damage, And The Devil Are Just A Few Of The Unforgivable Characters Populating Rane S Real Life Accounts From Deep Within The Stacks Of A Library That Had Become A Refuge For Squatters, Drug Addicts, And The Mentally Deranged.Each Story Is Accompanied By Stunning New Illustrations By Native Californian Cristin Sheehan Sullivan And Raymond Pettibon, Progenitor Of LA S Punk Rock Art Scene.

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    Wanted to like it A short illustrated book that lists the characters the author dealt with as a librarian in Los Angeles for five years You see homelessness and mental health issues and people who scream a lot This is all fine and interesting but as we went on, the meanness of the narrator just destroyed anything worthwhile He did say that he quit becau...

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    Scream at the Librarian Sketches of Our Patrons at Downtown Los Angeles illustrated in horrific detail which is probably a good thing by Raymond Pettibon Cristin Sheehan is Rane s account of his rather terrifying five year tenure from June 2001 to April 2006 in the Literature and Fiction Department of the Central Library, Downtown Los Angeles at least it wasn t the General Reference desk though that seemed to make little difference This somewhat entertaining, somewhat frightening is very similar to this and other librarian accounts as well as many other public servant woe filled blogs and books of the ignorance and psychosis that we deal with on a daily basis The only caution i would give you is that this was written once Rane took his much needed leave of the position, and though it is filled with wo...

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    More of an illustrated book than i expected Short and fun.

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    Very simple zine focusing on the nonsense that a public librarian hears Reading this gave me some serious flashbacks to my time as a public library worker.

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    So there are Urban Library Patron Archetypes Good to know we re not alone in Portland Also, scary As I often say, this cannot be what Ben Franklin had in mind.

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