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Historical Heartthrobs quotes Historical Heartthrobs , litcharts Historical Heartthrobs , symbolism Historical Heartthrobs , summary shmoop Historical Heartthrobs , Historical Heartthrobs b663f97d This Set Includes Five Full Length Novels From USA Today Bestselling And Award Winning Authors Take A Look At These Historical Heartthrobs DANCE OF DESIRE By Catherine Kean Desperate To Save Her Brother S Life, Veiled Lady Rexana Villeaux Dances For Fane Linford, High Sheriff Of Warringham She Entices Fane With The Passion In Her Soul And He Is Tempted Rexana Reluctantly Marries Him, But As She Learns About Her Husband Tormented By Secrets, She Cannot Deny His Love MY FAIR DUCHESS By Julie Johnstone After Years Of Playing The Rogue To Hide A Dark Family Secret, The Duke Of Aversley Feels Tainted Beyond Redemption And Cynical Beyond Repair Never Does He Imagine Hope Will Come In The Form Of A Quirky, Quick Witted Lady Determined To Win The Heart Of Another Aristocrat Thanks To A Painfully Awkward Past, Lady Amelia De Vere Long Ago Relinquished The Notion She Was A Flower That Had Yet To Blossom But When Her Family Faces Financial Ruin And The Man She Has Always Loved Is On The Verge Of Marrying Another, She Ll Try Anything To Transform Herself To Capture Her Childhood Love And Save Her Family Including Agreeing To Participate In A Bet Between Her Brother And The Notorious, Dangerously Handsome Duke Of Aversley Bound By The Bet, Amelia And Aversley Discover Unexpected Understanding And Passion Beyond Their Wildest Dreams, If Only They Can Let Go Of Their Pride, Put Trust In Each Other And Chance Losing Their Hearts This Is Book One In The Regency Romance Series Once Upon A Rogue ANGEL S ASSASSIN By Laurel O Donnell Damien Is An Assassin, A Man With A Tortured Past Sold Into Slavery, He Is Trained To Kill Lady Aurora Of Acquitaine Is The Epitome Of Purity And Goodness When Damien Enters Aurora S Life, Tempting Her With Promises Of Forbidden Lust, He Threatens To Tear Her Peaceful World Apart DANGER S KISS By Glynnis Campbell A Beautiful Thief Can Squirm Out Of Trouble With A Wink And A Smile, Until She Meets The Most Feared Lawman In The Shire, Who Can T Decide Whether To Kiss Her Or Kill Her BLYTHE SCHEMES GONE AMISS By Collette Cameron Intrepid And Outspoken, Blythe Culpepper Is Dragged Against Her Will To London For A Season To Her Dismay, Her Guardian Enlists The Devilishly Attractive Lord Leventhorpe, The One Man She Detests, To Assist With Her Come Out Since Their First Encounter, Hostile Looks And Cutting Retorts Have Abounded Whenever They Meet, Yet She Cannot Deny The Way Her Body Reacts When He S Near So Perhaps It S No Surprise That Upon Overhearing Another Woman Scheming To Entrap Tristan Into Marriage, Blythe Risks All To Warn Him Haunted By Childhood Trauma, Tristan, The Austere And Controlled Marquis Of Leventhorpe, Usually Avoids Social Gatherings So Why, Against His Better Judgement, Does He Agree To Aid His Closest Friend In Presenting The Culpeppers To The Ton Might It Be Because One Culpepper Stirs Than His Interest Blythe Taxes Him To His Limits With Her Sharp Wit And Even Sharper Tongue Yet, He Cannot Deny The Beauty Fascinates Him However, When An Old Enemy Comes Calling, Using Blythe To Settle Old Scores, Tristan Must Decide If Protecting His Honor Is Important Than Winning The Heart Of The Woman He Has Come To Love.

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    In process of reading but so farMy Fair Duchess Julie JohnstoneA vow at the time of his birth has shaped Colin, the Duke of Aversley, into a jaded man A man who does not trust women and classifies them all into deceitful lot his mother being the top offender.Lady Amelia De Vere has long held 2 beliefs 1 she s not pretty and 2 she s in love with Charles, the young Lord who rescued her when she was young.When Colin receives notice that his best friend, Phillip, is to wed he makes his way to the estate to talk him out of it Receiving a request from his mother he stops there first the reason his beloved father left a letter to be delivered to Colin after his death and if Colin had not married by the age of 25 A letter that states Colin must marry FOR LOVE before the age of 26 or lose all his inheritance that is not entailed Making his way to his Phillip s estate Colin stews on this information Upon arriving at Phillip s estate Colin realizes things have changed and the dire financial circumstances that Phillip faces Crafting a way to give Phillip the money he needs without Phillip ref...

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    WOW What a wickedly delicious Regency Romance collection of Historical Heartthrobs If you enjoy Laurel O Donnell, Collette Cameron, Julie Johnstone, Catherine Kean, and Glynnis Campbell, you don t want to miss this magnificent collection This collection is a great way to find new authors, learn about their writing style, and spend some time in a delightful, all in one, book These ladies are some magnificent storytellers, with their mesmerizing storylines, their well developed, allbeit, some may be a tad spoiled characters and the adventures that await the readers So grab your copy today for an adventure in passion, love and romance with a hopefully HEA Historical Heartthrobs is an absolute must read I personally loved and enjoyed each author s story and look forward to reading of their work Highly recommended A personal favorite of mine Don t miss out on this really awesome collection Personal buy All opinions, insights and thoughts are my own personal opinions Rating 5Heat rating M...

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    Great historical collection I ve had the privilege to read Blythe Schemes Gone Amiss by Collette Cameron.I love Collette Cameron s stories They are always full of great historical facts, fashion, suspense, romance and humor all of which make for a great book Blythe has no desire to be in London for a Season, but her guardian brings her anyway and seems to really want what is best for her.If only he hadn t asked for his friend Lord Leventhorpe to help In spite of the physical attraction they seem to have for one another there are times that they have gotten on each other s last nerve.Blythe finds that she will do anything to protect Tristan from a scheming woman setting her sights on marrying him and even though Tristan much rather not be part of social gatherings he finds that his growing attraction outweighs any possible embarrassment he might suffer.These two find love where they least expect it when banding together in a joint effor...

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    2.5 stars overall First three were 2 star only books, 4th book was 3.5 4 stars, and the final book was 2.5 3 stars.

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    This is a great collection with some of America s top names in historical romance.So far I ve only read Collette Cameron s contribution to this anthology, but I plan on reviewing as I read them Here s the gist The Culpeppers are in town having their first seasons thanks to cousin Brooke and her new husband It seems that all the young ladies are excited about the prospect of finding a beau except for the eldest sister, Blythe She would much rather be at home in the country away from the bustling and extravagance of the city Not only does Blythe have to deal with the nauseating and vulgar displays of wealth and status, but she must also act civil to a man she cannot stand Lord Leventhorpe is a reclusive and misunderstood hero who is constantly living in the shadow of his secret past With good reason He cares for Blythe Culpepper and seems to have developed feelings for her far sooner than the book picked up I haven t read book 1 yet , however he is aware of Miss Culpepper s dislike for him and won t pursue his feelings But things start to change as...

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    Scheming,Most distasteful It is a fact of life and has always eluded my understanding how people, all of us wanting a little happiness and joy would connive to destroy it for others I enjoyed the story so very much Tho you wrote of a class of people I shall never be a member of, you made it real enough to mentally enter and feel a part of simply by making your chartacters so real For once I was allowed a captivating ...

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    DisappointingI am over half way thru the first book, and can honestly say it is a disappointment the hero is somewhat likeable but you know that one doesn t fall instantly totally besotted unless you are in love story , howeverthe heroine is so unlikable that I want someone to just smack her or have the hero open his eyes and pursue someone worthy She is very self centered, and the author tries to justify this by inserting her supposed family feelings for her brother It just doesn t wo...

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    Excellent group of novels I enjoyed all of them very much They were all well written, interesting, and entertaining I am elderly, and enjoy questionable health Consequently I read incessantly I thank all of you very much for sharing your talents You have brighten ed my dreary days immensely..

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    Historical storysI d say 3 stores out of 4 where great Great story lines to them Haven t been able to put the book down

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    Great booksAll of the books in this series were wonderful Each one was a book that was hard to put down It would be hard to pick a favorite because I really loved them all.

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