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    You don t really have to be from Illinois to enjoy some of the stories in this book, but you had better not mind horror Of the lot, I enjoyed Lawrence Santoro s Little Girl Down the Way , Loretta Giacoletto s Free Danner and Richard Chwedyk s The Ambiguities best, but tastes in grue vary and it s not normally one of mine at all.There s a back story to Santoro s bit, surely the most upsetting of the lot, and that is that it is based, very loosely, on fact a body of a little girl was found during excavations behind his building on Chicago s north side and there has been speculation along the lines he develops so uncomfortably And, to be honest, there s a back story to why I like the story so much I ve heard him read it Twice Larry is a superb reader.Giacoletto s piece was realistic also, not in that it is based on a particular announced event, but that its representation of the adolescent boy is so close to so many adolescents one meets.Chwedyk s item is written from the perspective of a middle aged female professor of literature and I thought it was so believable that if you told me that the author is another George Sand, I d believe you It is also, unlike the rest of the matter between these covers, funny, even a little heartwarming in an odd sort of way.Additionally, I should note that Bryan A Buschemi is, I am told, actually the cousin of the actor Sadly, that little fact, if true and if it gets out, will probably sell the book than anything else the story isn t bad, but the ending doesn t fulfill the well wrought atmospheric setup.Finally, I d like to put in a plug for small presses which aren t on the database Check out their books for in them, and the few remaining literary magazines, you ll find the up and coming authors and the undiscovered till you ones, all of whom will benefit from your support much than S King will benefit from your purchase of a millionth copy of The Stand Besides, the struggling publishers might then be able to afford editors so as to avoid those typos spellcheckers don t catch.

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