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Proper Scoundrels quotes Proper Scoundrels , litcharts Proper Scoundrels , symbolism Proper Scoundrels , summary shmoop Proper Scoundrels , Proper Scoundrels ac879033 Eight Hundred Pages Of Historical Romance From Five Best Selling Authors Shattered Dreams By Laura LandonBrentan Montgomery, Earl Of Charfield Has One Love His Stable Of Arabian Horses When He S Offered Breeding Rights To The Marquess Of Fellingsdown S Prize Arabian If He Acts As Companion To Fellingsdown S Sister, He Doesn T Care If The Reclusive Lady Elyssa Has Three Chins And A Dozen Hairy Moles The Prize Is Worth Anything He Has To Endure But When He Meets The Elusive Lady Elyssa Prescott, All Thoughts Of Gaining A Prize Arabian Colt Disappear He Realizes He S Met The Woman Of His Dreams If He Can Keep Her From Discovering His Deceit And Convince Her That Her Imperfections Don T Matter To Him.Lady Elyssa Prescott Knows What It S Like To Be Ridiculed And Shunned But When Brent Montgomery Lets Her Glimpse A World Where Her Limitations Aren T Important, She Believes It S Possible For Her Dreams To Become A Reality Until She Discovers The Man With Whom She S Fallen In Love Was Hired To Offer Her Everything She S Dreamed Of Having.The Cruel Reality Of A Love Built On Deceit Shatters Both Their Dreams And Threatens To Destroy Their Lives Forever Wagers Gone Awry By Collette Cameron Brooke Culpepper Resigned Herself To Spinsterhood When She Turned Down The Only Marriage Proposal She D Likely Ever Receive To Care For Her Family After Her Father Dies, A Distant Cousin Inherits The Estate And Becomes Their Guardian But Permits Brooke To Act In His Stead.Heath, Earl Of Ravensdale Is None Too Pleased To Discover Five Young Women Call The Dairy Farm He Won And Intends To Sell, Their Home Desperate, Pauper Poor, And With Nowhere To Go, Brooke Proposes A Wager His Stakes The Farm Hers Her Virtue Brooke Loses, And Her Devastation Is Compounded When The Cousin Arrives, Intending To Haul The Culpepper Misses Off To London Heath Astounds Himself And Proposes In Order To Apply For Guardianship Of The Other Girls Does Brooke Dare Marry The Handsome Stranger Who D Been Bent On Compromising Her Will Heath Regret His Impulsive Gesture, Or Will Unexpected Love Flourish Lord Ruthven S Bride By Tarah Scott Love Is Always Sweetest The First Time Around A Harmless Attraction Leads To A Friendship That Forces Lady Annabelle To Choose Between The Two Men Who Love Her One Saved Her From A Killer The Other Is Her Future Husband.James Waterson, Newly Titled Viscount Ruthven, Is Hunting A Killer When Lady Annabelle Steps Into The Killer S Sights, James Will Do Everything In His Power To Protect Her Even If That Means Letting Her Go The Most Unlikely Lady By Barbara Devlin Book Three In The Brethren Of The Coast Series.Woo A Young Lady With A Fishing Rod And A Bucket Of Worms Oh So Dashing But Untitled Everett Markham Seeks A Bride, And He Has Charged The Field Of Miss Sabrina Douglas, A Woman Who Prefers Trout To Truffles.Unabashed And Unapologetic, Sabrina Sets Her Cap For A Second Son, One Who Will Smile Patiently When He Comes Home To Find She S Misplaced Their Children But Marriage Changes Her In Ways She Never Imagined, As The Awkward Debutante Surrenders To A Very Real, Very Womanly, All Consuming Love.An Irresistibly Handsome English Rogue, Everett Plots His Future With Ruthless Detail, But His Future Wife Is Anything But Predictable, Resulting In The Zaniest Courtship London Society Has Ever Seen When A Family Tragedy Upends His Life On His Wedding Day, He Must Chart A Slippery Course With His Most Unlikely Lady As The New Earl And Countess Of Woverton Loving The Hawke By Lana WilliamsTwo Wounded Souls, A Wallflower And A War Hero, Stumble Upon Each Other Time And Again In Slums And Ballrooms, Realizing They Fight A Common Cause And Share An Unbridled Passion Will The Curse They Fight Be Their Downfall Or Will Love Win The Day

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    I love all of Lana Williams books, and Loving the Hawke was no exception We met Nathaniel at the end of Trusting the Wolfe and in this story he s recently left the military and doing his best to adjust to life back home But the wounded hero meets his match in Lettie Great sexual tension, a page turning mystery, a terrible bad guy, and wounded characters this story has it all I can t wait for books in The Seve...

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    Shattered dreams 5 stars Laura Landon is one of my favorite regency romance author In this story, the heroine had an accident and residual problems with her leg which gives her a strong limp The hero does not care and just sees a beautiful and courageous woman who shares his passion about horses Great story with heart.Wagers gone awry 4.5 stars common theme of dirt poor heroine who takes care of her sister and cousins Hero is powerful and rich but had an unhappy childhood that leaves him not believing in love Very nice story I will read the follow up book about Blythe.The most unlikely lady 2 stars Silly book with a hero and heroine who lack self confidence and think they are not worth the love of the other from one miss understanding to the next They are also not true to character many times, with a supposedly spunky heroine swooning for example Dragged on for me.Lord Ruthven s Bride 4 stars Short but sweet story of an engaged woman who falls in love with another, humble man Her fianc is a very nice, proper man who loves her and she also thought that she loved him until she met this impoverished, young new lord There is some danger and secret plot along the way A short read but enjoyable.Loving the Hawke 4.5 stars Nice story of a wallflowe...

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    Great readingThis is a collection of full length books of historical romance and a little mystery I enjoyed reading them and will look for other books by these authors I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enj...

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    Proper ScoundrelsI thoroughly enjoyed this book which contains 5 different stories by Regency authors I am going to review each one on its own The stories are Shattered Dreams by Laura Landon Wagers Gone Awry by Collette Cameron The Most Unlikely Lady by Barba...

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    Gripping stories, hard to put downIt s one of the best set of stories I have read, with twist and turns has you gripped from first story to the last, very good read

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    Shattered Dreams by Laura LandonI re read this story in January but am reading it again because I adore it so much A disabled heroine, some good angst, and view spoiler a secret deal between the hero and the heroine s brother that leads to the heroine overhearing and being hurt hide spoiler

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    Wagers Gone Awry by Collette CameronThe Misses Culpeppersisters cousins who live on the dairy farm that was owned by the father of the oldest Miss Culpepper her sister Upon the father s death the farm is inherited by a distant relative who becomes their guardian This guardian has no use for the girls or the farm allows them to live there with Brooke, the oldest, in charge their only allowance being half of what the dairy brings in which isn t much Brooke Culpepper, the oldest of the Culpepper misses, loves running the household the farm She doesn t like the fact that females cannot inherit property she is at the mercy of a distant relative Thankfully, he doesn t want anything to do with the farm or the girls which allows them to live somewhat in peace Well, except for the fact that they barely have enough money to live on Each of the girls does something to supplement their income, sewing, music lessons, etc and their loyal servants continue to work for them without pay.Heath, the Earl of Ravensdale, a confirmed rogue wins a dairy farm in a game of cards Not something a man about town has any real interest in so he decides he will check the property out put it up for sale After traveling to the farm in horrendous weather he is none to happy when he arrives finds 5 women living there An old dog, undeniable attraction a series of loyal servants trying to help, an improper proposal wagers going the wrong way can this couple find a hap...

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    Shattered Dreams by Laura LandonThis is a predictable Historical Romance but truly delightful Besides the angsty romance of Elly and Brent we also get to see Harrison, the Duke of Fellingsdown, rekindle his romance with Cassie But the main romance goes to Brent who is a known rake and Elly who has a severe limp from a childhood accident Their initial courtship is sweet, heartwarming and totally romantic until Elly finds out about Brent being hired to pay attention to her There is violent danger that erupts and causes injury to a main character.I totally enjoyed reading this novel It was a sweet escape into a world of the Victorian house party I turned pages to find out what would become of Elly and Brent and the horrific violence that nearly killed one.Review appers on my blog Wagers Gone Awry by Colette CameronThis being my first read of a novel by Colette Cameron I was pleasantly surprised to fi...

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    I enjoyed a few of the books and there were a few I thought were OK I did review them as separate books But it was good to have them all in one collection instead of trying to add them one by one to read.

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    Mediocre Felt like some parts were after thoughts while other parts were meaningless filler busters While the end was rushed and lacked a finale.

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