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Pimpernel chapter 1 Pimpernel, meaning Pimpernel, genre Pimpernel, book cover Pimpernel, flies Pimpernel, Pimpernel b9b75c3486130 For Centuries, The Elite Of The World Have Sought The Pimpernel Everywhere Some Want To Kill Him, Others Want To Hire Him, But Jack Cavanaugh Knows That The Love Hate Relationship Comes With The Job Title At Present, Jack Is Trying To Dismantle An Investment Scheme Centered In Las Vegas, But Trying Is The Operative Word It S Been A Month Since He Put The Face Of The Scheme Behind Bars, Yet The Scam Is Still Going Strong As Jack Tries To Uncover Who Has Stepped In As The New Head, What Miniscule Evidence There Is All Seems To Point Him Back To Claire Ramsey, An Introverted PhD Student Studying At UNLV If Ever There As An Unlikely Head Of An Investment Scheme, Claire S It She Has A Genius IQ, But From All Jack Has Seen, Claire S Intelligence Is As Much A Blessing As A Curse When Paired Up With Her Acute OCD Claire Can Barely Make Conversation With The Cute Guy Down The Hall, Which Makes It Hard To Believe She Could Be The Charismatic Salesperson Who Is Getting International Businessmen To Invest Million A Pop So What Is Jack Missing What Is The Real Story Behind Claire Ramsey And Once Jack Learns It, Will He Be Able To Walk Away

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