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Pimpernel chapter 1 Pimpernel, meaning Pimpernel, genre Pimpernel, book cover Pimpernel, flies Pimpernel, Pimpernel b9b75c3486130 For Centuries, The Elite Of The World Have Sought The Pimpernel Everywhere Some Want To Kill Him, Others Want To Hire Him, But Jack Cavanaugh Knows That The Love Hate Relationship Comes With The Job Title At Present, Jack Is Trying To Dismantle An Investment Scheme Centered In Las Vegas, But Trying Is The Operative Word It S Been A Month Since He Put The Face Of The Scheme Behind Bars, Yet The Scam Is Still Going Strong As Jack Tries To Uncover Who Has Stepped In As The New Head, What Miniscule Evidence There Is All Seems To Point Him Back To Claire Ramsey, An Introverted PhD Student Studying At UNLV If Ever There As An Unlikely Head Of An Investment Scheme, Claire S It She Has A Genius IQ, But From All Jack Has Seen, Claire S Intelligence Is As Much A Blessing As A Curse When Paired Up With Her Acute OCD Claire Can Barely Make Conversation With The Cute Guy Down The Hall, Which Makes It Hard To Believe She Could Be The Charismatic Salesperson Who Is Getting International Businessmen To Invest Million A Pop So What Is Jack Missing What Is The Real Story Behind Claire Ramsey And Once Jack Learns It, Will He Be Able To Walk Away

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    Kindle freebie alert, December 12 15, 2017 and this one of those rare gems in the Kindle freebie pile If this type of light romantic suspense novel is your cuppa tea, grab it while it s still free 4.5 stars for me I m always a sucker for that Scarlet Pimpernel trope Except here the blue pimpernel Pimpernel is sort of an updated version of The Scarlet Pimpernel, set in modern day Las Vegas, mixed with a crime caper type of plot, and with a pretty good sized serving of romance on the side It totally sucked me in and made me smile.The main character, Claire, is a brilliant woman in her mid 20 s with a huge case of OCD and a near photographic memory at least when she s off her meds Her favorite professor who she s been crushing on for years is arrested, and a shadowy crime figure threatens to have him killed if Claire doesn t use her talents in his fraud scheme But at the same time, a mysterious man named Jack and his team of experts are gunning for Claire, with an unknown purpose in mind.To say much would be to spoil it, but I enjoyed it thoroughly and sucked it down in one evening s reading The writing isn t perfect I spotted a few spelling and grammar errors , and it s not very gritty for a crime novel it s definitely a light, clean and quick read which some readers will appreciate but others will roll their eyes at The details about Claire s OCD were fascinating, though I have to say I wondered a little if they were realistic, before I decided that I was having so much fun reading it that in this case I didn t care Some parts of the plot don t make complete sense logically, but Pimpernel has such a fast pace that the plot holes only really became apparent to me when I was thinking it over later So just go along for the ride and enjoy it Overall impression this was very fun, and an exciting way to while away a few hours, in a beach read kind of way I think I ve probably read most of it twice within two days, just so I could pick up on what I missed the first time through, and enjoy some of my favorite scenes a second time I ll definitely be on board for reading the sequel which just went on sale this month.

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    Loads of swoony fun I decided to read this one again to refresh my memory before diving into the new book, Royal Ball It was just as much fun the second time around The first time I read it, it kind of started slow for me I didn t have that problem this time, maybe because I knew what was coming It really is a fun read and hard to put down Claire is a genius and has OCD, when she finds out her mentor and professor has been arrested she ll do anything she can to help clear his name She doesn t understand quite how deep the waters run though I don t want to give anything away, so I ll have to keep this review on the shorter side I ended up really liking Claire It was interesting to see how the author worked the character s OCD into the story and gave it a unique take I loved Jack and when we were in his POV I also loved his team and how they were so loyal and worked so well together I loved the two together, lots of tension and great chemistry swoonThe story was a lot of fun and moved along at a nice pace There were a few surprises along the way and even though I wasn t quite sure how things would wrap up, I ended up being very happy I remember reading this the first time and immediately wishing this was a series I am SO happy there is a new book out, Royal Ball, so I can see what these awesome characters have been up to Please make this a movie Or TV series Overall, a super fun read and one I d easily recommend ContentRomance Clean, just kissingLanguage NoneViolence MildReligious NoneSeries YES Source Originally read a review copy, second time around was my own copy.

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    This isn t a genre I read often, but when I saw the author was Sheralyn Pratt there was no question about it And sure enough, I could not put it down Pimpernel is full of distinctive characters that have depth and layers Claire is a fascinating person with the way her OCD and intelligence interact She is compassionate, vulnerable, and loyal It seems that Jack can do the impossible with his team and resources, and the we get to know him we see just how amazing his personal set of skills are as well His small team of elite each have their own area of expertise, but the real fun is in their interpersonal relationships and banter There is action, humor, suspense, and moments of toe curling romance As the plot unfolded there were several twists that took me by surprise, and some that I guessed only just before they were revealed I don t want to give anything away because I think the book is most enjoyed without knowing too much of what s going to happen, just go along for the ride There are several potential stories with the secondary characters, so I really hope we see of the Pimpernel s team in the future Highly recommend I received a complimentary copy of the book all opinions in this review are my own

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    This was free when I picked it up but it would be worth paying for Can t give higher praise than that.There were a couple of lulls, but the last third of the book moved along at a really brisk pace and I enjoyed the twists and turns The main twist really did surprise me I would query how badly view spoiler facial recognition expert Claire did at recognising pretty much anything to do with faces, but this is acknowledged by Claire herself hide spoiler

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    Highly intelligent, highly OCD Claire Ramsay is a grad student working on her PhD at a university in Las Vegas Nevada, when she could have gone to a prestigious school, but she was drawn there by her charismatic mentor which leads directly to us watching her, on page one, scam a foreign investor out of millions of dollars.She has to, in order to save her professor.I was hooked from the first page The writing is tight and deeply immersive, giving the reader a realistic look into what unmedicated OCD can be like That was interesting in itself, but then we begin to meet an amazing group of people who are modern day versions of the Scarlet Pimpernel, only these ones aim at the %1 who are cheating the system to get even richer, including resorting to murder because they know they can get away with it.Oh, to have a group like that in real life, especially today, eh But at least we can have romantic action filled wish fulfillment I loved the banter, and the characters, and the fact that this was romantic than blood and grue gritty, while keeping a very fast pace A few grammatical bobbles poked me out, but such was the strength of the story that I dove right back in.

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    This book makes me happy Seriously loved it Lots of fun A fabulously fun clean romance filled with adventure and an unforgettable first kiss Two thumbs up Originally Read January 2016 Reread November 2016Content clean

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    Absolutely fun a bit of mystery, adventure and light romance rolled into an entertaining story I was pleasantly surprised as this was offered as a kindle freebie and I did not expect too much.More detailed review to come.

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    Oh my I am still thinking about this book days after reading My head is having a hard time letting it go and I really want to be able to read the next book right now Sheralyn Pratt says in the back of her book that if I want another book in this series, I should write a review So, here is it And now I m waiting said in my best high pitched sing songy voice I really did love this book It took me a quick minute to adjust to Claire and her voice and settle in with the story but once I did I just couldn t pull myself out Claire is brilliant and like all of us, flawed But it is her flaws that make her brilliant and so very human.Claire would obviously need a brilliant sort of man to match her Jack fits the bill for this perfectly He has tricks up his sleeve, quite literally, than anyone else I loved Jack He was the glue that held all the characters and the plot together.This book is full on from beginning to end There is danger and intrigue, secrets and surprises It was so engaging and fun I loved it Oh, wait I said that already It will be a loooooong wait for the next book.

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    I m fairly stingy with my five star ratings, but this one deserved it It was very different from anything I ve read lately, and a lot of it took me by surprise There were some laugh out loud moments, as well as some great romantic tension All of the characters were distinct and I liked them all for different reasons Now that I know how it ends, I ll be going back to read it again because I m sure there are clues and nuances that I missed the first time around Would absolutely recommend.Content clean though there are references to infidelity.

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    The H is a mentalist That s all I needed.

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