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Curveball #9 (Winning Season) chapter 1 Curveball #9 (Winning Season), meaning Curveball #9 (Winning Season), genre Curveball #9 (Winning Season), book cover Curveball #9 (Winning Season), flies Curveball #9 (Winning Season), Curveball #9 (Winning Season) c230597c28c91 The Pressures Of Being An Undercover Reporter Are Getting To Eddie Ventura No One On His Baseball Team Has Realized That He Is The Anonymous Writer Behind All The Great New Coverage Their Team Has Been Getting From Their School Newspaper The Only Problem Is Not Everyone Is Thrilled With The Stories, Or The Uncanny Way Their Secrets Are Being Leaked To The Press Should Eddie Quit Writing For The School Newspaper Before His Secret Is Uncovered

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    I did not like this book it was a waste of time

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    I would recommend this book to people who like sports and anybody who wants a good read Eddie is a undercover reporter on the baseball team Nobody on the team has realized that it is him Not everybody is happy with the stories that are being put into the newspaper Will Eddie continue writing his stories or not Read the story to find out.

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    The book Curveball wrote by Rich Wallace is a fiction book based on a middle school student named Eddie He plays baseball for the middle school team He also does an article for his friend that does it for the school paper Eddie plays for the Hudson City baseball team and they go on to win the championship This book is based on the average kid and his life going through middle school He has many friends but it s mostly based on the intense baseball games A true theme for this book would be to never give up and when you think it s over it s really not I believe this theme because when Eddie and his teammates was down they didn t show any signs of giving up A motif for this story would be the reoccurring of Eddie writing articles for the school paper This supports the theme because by writing it helped Eddie express his thoughts giving him the confidence he needed to keep going and to win the championship game I think this book is an alright book for those who love the game of baseball I rate this book with a 3 star because I personally can t relate to baseball but many may For those who do love baseball I do recommend this book for you.

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    If you like to read about a good winning baseball team read this book.

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    i realy realy liked this book because it was about baseball and it was funny and intertaining if you are a person and you like sports but do not like to read then this is the book for you

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    I think the book could have been better due to the fact that the baseball team did not win the championship.I think they should have.The author made all this excitement about it all for them to lose.

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    Curveball was a great book it taught me not to be selfish and not to only think about myself but to also think about the team your friends Eddie was a boy who loved baseball, he would picture or consider himself as being the best player on the team so his friend Calvin had asked Eddie to type up the school news articles for him bu Eddie always talked about himself and how he made the big plays the team really didn t like that, they were going to beat up Calvin because the papers never mentioned any of them.

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    This book is about a boy who plays baseball And he get asked to write the school sport artical But every time he would write about him self and he did not want anybody to know it was hom who was writing So he started to write about other people.I would recomend this book if you are into sport stories or if you just want to get entertained.

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    This is a good book and probably good for 5 7 graders depending on their reading level.

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    it is very intererting it is aboutsports and it goes to show that u cant allways win when u play

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