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Intervention of the Other summary Intervention of the Other , series Intervention of the Other , book Intervention of the Other , pdf Intervention of the Other , Intervention of the Other 1bb0d6b4c1 The Intervention Of The Other Deftly Brings The Thought Of Emmanuel Levinas And Jacques Lacan Into Fruitful Dialogue Through A Comparative Analysis Of These Two Seemingly Disparate ThinkersEmmanuel Levinas, Lithuanian Born French Phenomenologist Of The Nonphenomenon, And Jacques Lacan, Controversial French Psychoanalyst And Post Structuralist Theorist Of The Freudian Unconscious, Lived And Wrote In The Same City, At The Same Time, Among The Same Colleagues, Often Using The Same Language And The Same Sources, Sometimes Writing To The Same Audiences And Yet They Never Wrote To Or About One Another Following Sartre, Levinas Thought That Freud Had Fundamentally Misunderstood The Nature Of Consciousness When He Posited The Unconscious As A Second, But Hidden, Consciousness Despite This Suspicion Of Psychoanalysis, However, Levinas Own Work Celebrated A Certain Something That Could Not Be Contained By Thought For His Part, Lacan Was Suspicious Of Philosophical Ethics He Subscribed To A Freudian Critique Of Ethics As Pathogenic Nevertheless, He Saw His Own Work As Fundamentally About A Kind Of Ethics, Specifically An Ethics Concerned With How People Live Their Lives In An Already Normative SocietyWhile The Two Never Engaged With Each Other S Thought Directly, Levinas And Lacan Were Interested In Many Of The Same Questions What Is The Nature Of The Self What Is It To Be A Subject Can The Ethical Be Grounded In A Post Foundationalist World Through Close Textual Analysis, David Ross Fryer Shows How Levinas And Lacan Offer Two Ways Of Positing The Ethical Subject In The Post Humanist Landscape Of Contemporary Thought

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