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The United States of Beer chapter 1 The United States of Beer , meaning The United States of Beer , genre The United States of Beer , book cover The United States of Beer , flies The United States of Beer , The United States of Beer 2ff6e31a94f04 From The Author Of Bourbon, The Definitive History Sacramento Bee , Comes The Rollicking And Revealing Story Of Beer In America, In The Spirit Of Salt Or Cod.In The United States Of Beer, Dane Huckelbridge, The Author Of Bourbon A History Of The American Spirit A Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance Bestseller Charts The Surprisingly Fascinating History Of Americans Relationship With Their Most Popular Alcoholic Beverage Huckelbridge Shows How Beer Has Evolved Along With The Country From A Local And Regional Product Once Upon A Time Every American City Has Its Own Brewery And Iconic Beer Brand To The Rise Of Global Mega Brands Like Budweiser And Miller That Are Synonymous With U.S Capitalism.We Learn Of George Washington S Failed Attempt To Brew Beer At Mount Vernon With Molasses Instead Of Barley, Of The 19th Century Beer Barons Like Captain Frederick Pabst, Adolphus Busch, And Joseph Schlitz Who Revolutionized Commercial Brewing And Built Lucrative Empires And The American Immigrant Experience And Of The Advances In Brewing And Bottling Technology That Allowed Beer To Flow In The Saloons Of The Wild West Throughout, Huckelbridge Draws Connections Between Seemingly Remote Fragments Of The American Past, And Shares His Reports From The Frontlines Of Today S Craft Brewing Revolution.

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    This is an enjoyable book It is sprightly, well written, and the author does not take the subject too seriously The book is organized around different regions of the country and their predilections and contributions to the evolution of beer Among regions considered New England, New York and the Mod Atlantic, the South, the Midwest, the West, and finally the West Coast Along the way, we get a history of beer, from early origins thousands of years ago It is fascinating to see the different substances that were used to make beer.Some things that stand out The story of Boston Beer Company producer of Sam Adams as a counterweight to the macrobreweries with their bland product the story of Anchor Steam in San Francisco and why normal cooling techniques were not used the Midwest and the dominance of German brewers and their companies Miller, Busch, Pabst, and Schlitz And why their beers were so generic even so aft...

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    This was a light, short and fun book that, I think, just scrapes the surface of most of the events described For a book that seems like it was pitched as an excuse for the author to drive around the country drinking different beers, this book is actually fairly well researched, but it does not seem to rise all the way to the level of a serious work of scholarship.This seems like a great book to read on a vacation or right when you start getting into homebrew I d be very interested to see a much in depth version of this book, though, as almost every chapter left me wanting information.The one major disappointment in this book is that it stops just short of the explosion of microbrewing and especially homebrewing th...

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    This books gives a fantastic overview of the history of Beer in America and the economic and political causes of its evolution This book has the most clear, evidenced explanation for the growth of American Lagers that I have ever read.

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    A light, frothy and fairly satisfying look at the history of beer in America Don t expect a definitive encyclopedia, or much coverage of the craft beer explosion of the last decade though Author Dane Hucklebridge is also the author of Bourbon the Definitive History.

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    Fun read It centers around the peoples who brought their version of beer to the US the Germans, Dutch, and English and traces the beer we drink today back to the styles made in Europe.

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    A really great read about the rollicking history of beer in and out of the United States Any beer lover or history buff would enjoy.

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    A lightweight history of the U.S as viewed through beer goggles Huckelbridge goes from region to region, identifying how beer made its debut in each Of course, like most of U.S history, we tend to think things only started to happen when the Europeans arrived when in fact Native Americans were brewing corn beer long before Columbus or anyone else set foot ashore.Nonetheless, if you see a guy in a MAGA hat swilling a can of MillersCoorsBud, you might want to point out the hypocrisy American beer is all about immigration Otherwise we d still be drinking corn beer It started from the start as the Puritans launched the parade of Englishmen importing their ales The Dutch brought the first beer fest to New York And then there were the Germans Between 1840 and 1860, 1,350,000 Germans came to America They included the guys who started Pabst, Schlitz, Miller and Anheuser Busch.The Germans redefined beer in the U.S It was their lager style beer that gave rise to what has become American beer, though likely their version was far flavorful than the swill that the successors to those breweries churn out now Between 1850 1890 the population of the U.S increased fourfold, consumption of beer twenty four fold But tough times lie ahead WWI was not a good time for German brewers and Prohibition, followed by depression was the death knell for many brew...

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    TITLE The United States of Beer A Freewheeling History of the All American DrinkWHY I CHOSE THIS BOOK It met my reading challenge criteria, being connected to the book before it, Health at Every Size, both being about food consumptionREVIEW I really don t care about beer all that much I will drink it from time to time, especially if I get an opportunity to drink something a little bit different I mainly picked this because it allowed me to continue the flow of my reading challenge But it turned out to be interesting than I thought This history of beer in America went back to Europe since most things really aren t American made Immigrants whether they were from England, or Germany or somewhere else brought their ways to the new world Once foods,practices and inventions come to the United States, the distinctive America stamp gets put on them so it is about the history of beer in America The most surprising fact I learned was that the Volstead act, which started prohibition, was an anti immigrant measure I put fact in quotes because I think this is the authors theory, although quite a valid one Makes a lot of sense given our history The author states that many of the beer companies were started by immigrants especially the most successful companies They started to h...

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    The title is self explanatory I enjoyed that this is a book for beer lovers and history buffs than it s a book for beer snobs Huckelbridge has a knack for picking out interesting facts, stories, and details, and thus manages to weave an engaging history that wouldn t bore or alienate the casual reader He s a good writer, though I was occasionally annoyed...

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    Entertaining and informative The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock because they ran out of beer The importance of beer in the colonial era and in early Britain had to do with the fact that beer was safer than water since the water was boiled Early beer was very low in alcohol so it could be consumed in relatively large quantities and by children small beer Many early brewers w...

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