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The Nocturne Bride quotes The Nocturne Bride , litcharts The Nocturne Bride , symbolism The Nocturne Bride , summary shmoop The Nocturne Bride , The Nocturne Bride f12f4573 The Vampire Lord Isur Seeks A Very Special Woman To Be His Bride A Woman Who Stirs His Most Base, Mortal Lust A Woman That Reminds His Body It Was Once Alive Under Normal Circumstances, Elani Naeuri Would Have Been Delighted To Receive An Invitation To An Aristocrat S Ball But For The Fifty Women Chosen To Be Nocturne Brides, The Ball Is Not A Night For Dancing And Wine The Rumors Of What Actually Transpires Are So Scandalous, So Wanton, That The Invitation Is A Fate Worse Than Death This Naughty Little Read Contains Mature Themes Intended For Adult Audiences Only.

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    I received a free e book in exchange for an honest review Review was originally posted on What I like I love the idea behind this story Elani is a young woman worried about being proper but is filled with this desire that, at first, she has no idea what to do with I think this is very relatable to many young women even today When she meets Isur it is like the virgin is awakened to even desire and it fuels her to do what she has to do in order to survive I love that Elani s feisty spirit is what warms Isur All too often we see vampires getting turned on by weak women It is refreshing that what we can assume is a tough and somewhat cruel vampire lord, falls for a woman who would truly be able to rule next to him.What I don t like While I do believe that Elani s reactions are relatable, I feel that they are sometimes a little too experienced for a prim and proper woman When it comes to the character Beaux, I feel that he is a distraction from the main story I fully understand why the author put him in there, but I feel the ...

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    This was a really hot story It is set in a pseudo past maybe like regency or victorian times The heroine is called to meet the vampire Lord to see if she is the woman that can ignite him and make it possible for him to sire children with him Unfortunately for her, his method of determining this is sampling the ladies, which ruins them socially When she is invited to a ball to meet him, her family withdraws from her, her fiance drops her, and she knows that the life she had planned will not happen.This is a really unique setup for a story, and we are even told what will happen to her children if she is chosen It sounds a bit harsh, but really is original.The sort of hero we don t get to know him well, the heroine is the only protagonist is the vampire Lord He gets to have sex with the ladies, all of whom are sort of unw...

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    Surprised This will come out the wrong way but I am shocked on how much I enjoyed this I Say that because I don t like shot stories because most I have read have left me angry because they weren t good But this book was awesome The author did an a...

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    Short steamy scenes, not much story We learn a little about the h, none of which is pleasant and nothing at all about the H Shame there was not to it.

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    Check out our double review of this book on our homepage Mandu says In an alternate world of Victorian pleasures and Medieval rituals, the Nocturne competition offers young, educated, and beautiful girls the chance to compete for Lord Isur a vampire s hand Though the process isn t one you d expect His rules are simple come to his estate, pleasure him like no one ever has, and live or choose to live as a prostitute or worse, die.Elani is the only member of her family to be given this choice So she ventures forth and enters a seductively rich world where no one fears nudity, pleasure is something given and taken, and the one who can stir the vampire s human warmth is chosen to be the bride What I liked The concept of this is awesome Very The Selection meets sexy vampires Elani is young and nervous, but she s also curious That gets Lord Isur s attention and he quickly feels warmth from her, being as she s the one who gets him off during the test Though Elani is a virgin, she s pretty good at what she does and better yet, although she feels fearful and inexperienced, her thoughts match those feelings as she learns what feels good and what she really wants.What I didn t like I m no prude...

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    I was asked to read Nocturne Bride and give an honest review The short story is currently available on Kindle Unlimited.Marry Ravenell put an interesting spin on vampire lore, one I haven t read before As much as I am personally tired of vampire books I will say I give this kudos on the original spin.This is only 38 pages so it s a quick erotic read I would pe...

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    Vampires and passion.I have read Kerry s other novels that she has self published on watt pad I am as enthralled with this novel as much as all her others If you read this novel and love it, make sure you check her others out Every story I read makes me love her as a author all...

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    Short story Just straight up erotica Not what i expected Not for the sensitive.

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    A nice hot readI ve read some of this authors other books and was impressed by them I m glad that she was able to do her usual amazing job with character in a shorter format I most especially enjoyed the ending

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    It was a decent, quick read Unfortunately the author tried to cram too much into a short story, so none of the characters felt real Even the main character was a hodge podge of traits I enjoyed Ms Ravenell s novel The Snowfang Bride though and this doesn t put me off her work.

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