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Titan quotes Titan , litcharts Titan , symbolism Titan , summary shmoop Titan , Titan fecbabf8 A Team Of Four Astronauts Is Sent To Saturn S Moon Titan To Explore The Methane Seas And Search For Signs Of Life That May Have Originated On Earth And Been Transported To Titan When Meteors Hit The Earth During Its Formative Period When They Arrive, They Find Evidence Of A Much Older Culture With Technology They Cannot Even Comprehend The Machinery They Find Under Titan S Ice Is Still Active It S Been Waiting For Them.

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    Generally speaking, astronauts exploring a moon of Saturn on a manned mission sign me up But the plot was very meandering and in some weird way didn t take itself seriously enough, just didn t have the punch of a skilled science fiction writer.Nice try, but not quite there.

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    A strange and compelling tale..A mission to Titan, to search for alien life Four astronauts find so much than they expected, and at great cost.Only one astronaut, Yvette, makes the trip back, and the story she has to tell about the events that transpired are incredible You find yourself completely caught up in it I don t believe this is a series either, so that is only a good thing, as far as I m concerned I would be very pleased to read other books by thi...

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